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*Progressive support for a natural riding sensation and optimal control on demanding terrain.

**The Tour+ riding mode is available for eBikes with Drive Unit Performance Line CX with derailleur gears (from model year 2020) and eMTB mode and replaces the Tour mode.




For powerful eBiking in the mountains and on rough terrain: The eMTB mode of the Performance Line CX and Performance Line switches between the Tour and Turbo modes. To control the bike even on difficult sections, the further optimised eMTB Mode supports eMountain bikers with maximum sensitivity, allied with progressive power delivery: with a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm on the Performance Line and 85 Nm on the Performance Line CX and motor support between 140% and 340%. Depending on the pedal pressure applied, the motor dynamically boosts the rider's own performance. The eBiker does not have to change the riding modes manually. Starting on steep slopes is no problem, while riding on mountain trails is noticeably easier and the eMountain biker benefits from significantly better traction. This provides a natural riding sensation and optimum performance on the trail.

Performance Line CX - Full flow off-road

Performance Line - Ultimate Uphill Flow


A cohesive riding experience: the multisensor concept and fast information processing ensures optimum interaction between riders and their eBikes.

This is what riding enjoyment sounds like: the innovative noiseoptimised gearbox makes the Performance Line 25 km/h one of the quietest drives in its class.

Whatever you‘re planning: five riding modes make every ride a pleasure. eMTB mode, which is only used on eMountain bikes, also delivers for off-road adventures in a controlled and comfortable way.

What really matters: The efficient and versatile drive provides dynamic acceleration and guarantees an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedal resistance, even without support.

More fun, less effort: The drive delivers dynamic and sporty acceleration even at low cadences, offering powerful support as soon as you step on the pedals.

Unrivalled resilience: The robust Drive Unit can cope with heavy loads and meets the highest demands in terms of trekking or eMTB use.

Less is more: The innovative drive concept reduces both weight and size. This not only offers eBikers more style, but also enables them to benefit from agile handling. The Performance Speed Drive Unit weighs in at just 2.9 kg.

Sporty and natural.

With a sporty torque of 65 Nm and high performance, the drive unit always provides the right support at the right moment, even in the mountains. The riding sensation remains natural with almost no pedal resistance when switched off and at over 25 km/h. Easy and silent support - for maximum riding pleasure.



More powerful than ever: Increased to 85 Nm, the torque has a noticeable effect on riding behaviour. It accelerates faster, particularly at low cadences, and makes uphill starts much easier. The eMountain biker has more power available for whenever it's needed.

Impressive performance on the trail: Extended Boost is the unrivalled function for negotiating exposed roots, steps and stones with ease, even uphill. The eMTB will respond with agility and ease to even the most technically demanding trails.

Ready for every challenge: The advanced eMTB mode ensures even better control on the trail, without having to switch riding modes. The motor responds much more sensitively to the rider's effort, especially in low gears, enabling an extremely sensitive start.

Perfectly controlled support: The powerful 32-bit processor enables sensor signals to be processed at high speeds. Performance can be controlled precisely, offering eMountain bikers the best possible support in all riding situations.

Extraordinary sensitivity: Thanks to the multi-sensor concept that takes more than 1,000 measurements per second, the drive unit is characterised by an extremely sensitive response. When combined with the innovative Bosch power control, dynamic, responsive and natural riding modes are available.

For extreme loads: The drive unit is extremely efficient and, thanks to the completely maintenance-free 16-pin BLDC electric motor featuring the latest bar winding, it is characterised by great thermal stability. This ensures constant performance even under continuous load.

Strong support.

The Performance CX drive unit is the power benchmark among the drives. Weighing 2.9 kg and with a maximum torque of 85 Nm, it brings more riding enjoyment to the trail on demanding rides despite its particularly compact size. The eMountain bike motor is compact, lightweight and extremely powerful, combining high-quality materials, an extremely powerful drive and high-end sensors.


Minimal weight: thanks to the innovative drive concept, the drive unit weighs just a modest 2.9 kg.

A pleasure just to look at: the flowing shapes and a pleasing linear design sets new standards. The Active Line Plus has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

Helping to reduce traffic noise: the quiet Bosch motor provides even more riding enjoyment without annoying extraneous noises.

Small is beautiful: thanks to its compact size, the Active Line drive unit allows ideal integration within the bicycle frame.

Intelligent support: the multi-sensor drive unit concept takes more than 1,000 measurements per second to ensure a smooth power characteristic. The optional backpedal function helps make braking more comfortable.

Feels great: the controlled acceleration with almost no pedal resistance when switched off or at over 25 km/h ensures a natural riding

Smart Support

Experience a relaxed and safe riding sensation with harmonious support from the quiet Active Line. It provides just the right support, up to 40 Nm, for relaxed riding enjoyment up to a maximum of 25 km/h. The pedal resistance is minimal even above this speed or when switched off. Weighing only 2.9 kg, the drive unit is the smallest, lightest and most elegant system in the Bosch eBike product family. Benefit from riding enjoyment and maximum comfort backpedal function.


On the move in style: The drive unit can be integrated beautifully into the bicycle frame, lending the eBike an elegant appearance.

Effortless pedalling: controlled acceleration offers an authentic riding sensation – with almost no pedal resistance at over 25 km/h or when switched off.

Smarter riding: The intelligent multi-sensor concept ensures optimum power, while the optional backpedal function provides convenient braking.

No distractions: the Bosch motor is extremely quiet and reliable, enabling you to concentrate on the essentials.

Brings a new vitality to familiar routes: The Active Line Plus delivers a comfortable riding sensation in all situations and supports a torque of up to 50 Nm.

Designed for good looks: The flowing shapes and pleasing linear design of the Active Line Plus received a Red Dot Design Award.

The drive unit for explorers

Look forward to new places and their stories – and enjoy the allure of the unknown. The especially quiet Active Line Plus eBike drive has been designed for little adventures like this. Without disturbing extraneous noises, you gently cross the 25 km/h boundary with minimal pedal resistance. Riders can enjoy powerful support of 50 Nm on voyages of discovery after work and on weekends. Three sensors that record your riding data more than 1,000 times per second are responsible for the harmonious riding sensation. This, combined with the lighter weight and reduced size, means the drive unit can be integrated perfectly into the bike frame so that you get even more enjoyment from eBiking.



More power: With a torque of up to 85 Nm, the Cargo Line will offer even more powerful support at low cadences from model year 2021 onwards. This makes uphill starts easier, as well as delivering appreciable acceleration when transporting heavy loads.

In every riding situation: The Cargo Line offers up to 400% of powerful support across the entire speed range.

A welcome tailwind: the mighty Cargo Line even enables heavy loads to be transported uphill.

Packed with power: The Cargo Line with DualBattery offers a significant increase in range with up to 1,250 Wh - especially suitable for heavy loads and longer distances.

Smart control: The multi-sensor drive unit concept takes more than 1,000 measurements per second to ensure the perfect interplay between riders and their eBikes.

Nippy: The Drive Unit Cargo Speed provides support up to 45 km/h. This allows riders to get their cargo to its destination quickly and comfortably.

Economical: The powerful motor works very efficiently without overheating, whether with or without cargo. This allows long ranges, particularly in combination with DualBattery.

Strong drive: With a separate product line for cargo bikes, Bosch eBike Systems sets new standards in the urban transport sector; for comfortable riding even when carrying a load.

Transport made easy.

Whether you're making deliveries to customers, getting the kids to kindergarten or doing the shopping, the Cargo Line, which is designed specially for cargo bikes, makes transport easy and convenient. Whether laden or unladen, The Cargo drive unit responds precisely and predictably in every situation with support up to 25 km/h. In addition to a stronger torque of 85 Nm, cargo bikers will also benefit from more dynamic adjustment. The motor now provides more powerful support at low cadences, offering a greater boost when the rider starts off or accelerates. This makes everyday transport more relaxed and ensures maximum riding enjoyment on delivery rounds.