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Waiting for your CUBE bike?

A large number of our bikes from the current model year have already been delivered and are available from CUBE dealers.

However, we regret that some models are still being affected by delivery delays, leading to delivery dates being postponed several times already. We also find this situation unsatisfactory. To meet growing demand, we have stepped up our assembly and logistics capacities substantially. Unfortunately, we are only able to utilise around 75% of our capacities at this time. This is due to several factors and we are working daily to find solutions to the situation.

Our industry has been unrelentingly challenged by a multitude of scenarios in recent months that, in isolation, were inconvenient but surmountable. However, the cumulative effect creates a very difficult situation for us as a whole. It is now therefore impossible for us to plan with any certainty, as we can only predict the receipt of goods at very short notice. A bike model that we could theoretically build over the coming weeks according to our production plan might be missing a part tomorrow that we have to wait eight weeks for. Various factors are causing the component shortages and delays:

Production disruptions in Asia

The production facilities of our suppliers in Asia are repeatedly being affected by unforeseen lockdowns lasting for several weeks. Even after resuming operation, a certain ramp-up period is required before these facilities can return to 100% capacity. This is in part due to legal restrictions limiting production capacities to 50%, meaning they are not permitted to go above this initially.

For component manufacturers, current production capacities are severely limited or in some cases suspended altogether due to raw material shortages as well as labour shortages due to sickness. This not only makes it virtually impossible to plan ahead in terms of components, but also means we are experiencing delivery deadlines being pushed back with unfortunate regularity.

Transport route constraints

In the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, sea freight capacities were hit particularly hard. Ports struggled with congestion issues, preventing ships from being unloaded. This led to bottlenecks in the availability of free containers and ships. The resulting sharp rises in transport costs and above all significantly longer transit times are still being felt today.

With sea freight capacities dwindling, rail freight was increasingly used as an alternative method of transporting goods. This option is now unavailable due to the current situation in Russia and Ukraine, putting further pressure on global supply chains.

In concrete figures, this means the delivery of urgently needed parts has once again been delayed at the last minute by another 6–7 weeks.

Chip shortage

Our e-bikes are also affected by the general chip shortage impacting all sectors. We receive binding delivery dates from our suppliers at the earliest 2–4 weeks before receipt of the goods. This requires extremely flexible planning on the part of our production and assembly lines.

Unfortunately, the situation is unlikely to improve in the foreseeable future. The Ukraine conflict is impacting production capacities further as a result of shortages in essential raw materials.

Flexible production planning

Due to the reasons described above, we are now working with very short lead times for production planning. We ensure maximum flexibility for ourselves by accepting all deliveries of ordered parts, even if we will only need some of them at a much later point in time. We accept the financial risk this carries and the added complexity for our logistics. We have now re-purposed our storage facility for fully assembled bikes into a parts warehouse and begun operating five additional regional satellite warehouses. Despite this step and the huge number of components stored in our warehouses, we are unfortunately unable to ramp up the utilisation of our capacities by any significant degree. It only takes one lacking component to prevent us from building a bike altogether.

We apologise for the lengthy waiting time and the missed rides this has caused. We are doing everything we can to produce your bike and get it delivered as quickly as possible.

Please note that our customer service team is unable to provide you with an exact delivery date for your CUBE bike. Your first point of contact is the CUBE dealer from whom you ordered the bike.

We appreciate your patience, perseverance and understanding at this time!