Comparación de bicicletas



KIOX 300

The robust on-board computer is an intelligent companion for sporty rides to determine fitness data and optimise your training. Kiox 300 always stays up-to-date thanks to regular updates 'over the air' and ensures the optimal flow with further future updates.

Small but mighty. Kiox 300 pleases not only with its compact size, but also with a colour display that is optimally readable by day and night. Operating it is simple and is visually supported by animations and images. The handy display underlines the clean eBike look and is protected against splash water and dust.

No more tedious pushing. The new Walk Assist feature can be activated via the LED remote and provides helpful assistance on tricky climbs. Kiox 300 provides clear, visual guidance and facilitates intuitive operation. In order to better assess with which riding mode the destination can be reached, Kiox 300 clearly displays the remaining range for all modes.

The one-armed display holder allows for centralised positioning of the display on the handlebar and is adapted to the personal needs of the user. The tilt angle of the display can also be individually adjusted – for optimum readability during ride.


For fewer distractions and more safety. All important information can be captured easily and quickly thanks to the LED Remote. The LEDs are also very easy to see in sunlight, and the brightness of the display adapts flexibly to the ambient light. This means that legibility is maintained even in changing light conditions and that eBikers are never dazzled. The user also quickly recognises the selected riding mode, which is indicated by the respective colour.

More flexibility, comfort, and safety for eBikers: The LED Remote connects the eBike with the eBike Flow app. This way, eBikers can call up all important cycling data such as the duration of the ride or the distance travelled via smartphone and share it with other users. It is also possible to carry out software updates independently.

Even on steep paths when riding is no longer possible, the eBike can be pushed more easily with the help of Walk Assist: Press the button, move the eBike, and feel the support. The LED remote also serves as a 'guide' and facilitates operation for the eBiker. Walk Assist is especially helpful when eMountain biking in difficult terrain.

The LED remote can be individually adjusted to the eBiker and, in addition to an attractive design, offers optimal ergonomics and intuitive operation. It is attached to the handlebars so that all buttons can be reached and operated perfectly with the thumb — for more cycling pleasure in everyday life, during leisure time or when travelling.

Reach your destination more safely and sustainably: Thanks to the long-life battery of the LED remote, you can rely on the control centre on every eBike ride. If the battery does need to be replaced, it can easily be performed by a specialist dealer.


Even more comfortable: The Touch function makes Nyon even more intuitive and a separate control unit can be used while riding.

Convincing design, both inside and out: The 3.2-inch, high-resolution colour display combines smart functions with elegant design and was awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

Clear visibility in all light conditions: The display brightness and backlight automatically adjust to the ambient light. A special coating reduces reflections and fingerprints. The eBiker can choose between a dark or light display with maximum contrast.

Focus on the essentials: The user interface on the display can be adapted to the rider's specific preferences. This means that all riders can see the information they need at all times.

Always in dialogue: As soon as Nyon connects to the smartphone or WiFi, the on-board computer connects to the user's eBike Connect account and automatically synchronises the ride data.

Targeted fitness goals: The on-board computer uses pedal force and cadence to calculate the eBiker's performance. In addition, it also shows calories burned and can be combined with an optional heart rate monitor. This makes it easier to attain fitness goals.

Intelligent additional theft protection: Available for a small fee, the 'Lock' premium function disengages motor support when Nyon is removed. The electronic lock only unlocks again when the same on-board computer is re-connected.

Adaptability: This premium function, which can be purchased in the eBike Connect smartphone app, allows riders to create and configure their own riding modes. This allows motor support for different speeds to be perfectly adapted to a rider's personal riding style.

Whatever the weather: The touchscreen of the robust display remains fully functional, even in rainy or dusty conditions, and can even be operated with bike gloves.


The Nyon paves the way for a fully connected eBiking experience. The eBike Connect App connects the Nyon with the smartphone and exchanges data about routes and activities. The colour display supports you as a smart guide when exploring previously unknown places and acts as a personal trainer by providing fitness data. You can operate the all-in-one on-board computer intuitively and easily via the touchscreen, and control it by means of the separate control unit while riding. Equally at home on extended rides or short routine trips: The robust and easy-to-read display ensures that you are well equipped for every situation and all weathers. The Nyon on-board computer - a smarter, more intuitive and more connected generation. This is what Connected Biking feels like.


Easier location finding: The most recent destinations are clearly listed and can be selected directly. In addition, the eBiker can specify their home or work address in the online portal.

Clever solution: Riders can enter the next destination, zoom in on the relevant map section, move it and select the destination on the map using the convenient touchscreen controls. Notification tones during the trip alert eBikers to the next turn, so that they can fully concentrate on their trip.

A good plan is the key: eBikers can plan their routes conveniently in the eBike Connect online portal and transfer them to the Nyon on-board computer. By integrating Outdooractive, Nyon users can choose between a variety of rides in the online portal; routes from komoot can also be imported.

For long-lasting riding enjoyment: When a ride is being planned, Nyon shows whether a destination can be reached with the selected motor support. While on the move, the eBiker will receive an early 'heads-up' if a different support mode needs to be selected.


The link to the connected eBike world of Bosch: All relevant riding data is recorded by Kiox and transmitted via Bluetooth to the eBike Connect app. All activities can be evaluated after the trip in the app or online portal.

All information at your fingertips at all times: Data is automatically synchronised by Bluetooth between Kiox and the app. Even software updates can be loaded comfortably and wirelessly on the on-board computer.

Whether dirt or stone chippings: The scratchproof glass display is a robust companion, both on the trail or in the city.

Perfect for sporty riding: Stowed quickly yet still securely mounted - thanks to the magnetic mount, the on-board computer can be removed and attached with ease. Like many outdoor devices, Kiox has a small eyelet on the bottom edge that can be used to attach a strap.

For a totally personal riding experience: Screens and the choice of riding data to be displayed can be easily configured on Kiox and thus adapted to your own preferences. This enables eBikers to focus purely on the thing they enjoy: eBiking.

Worry-free parking: The 'Lock' premium function makes Kiox the key to greater security. This function enables motor support to be deactivated by removing the on-board computer, making the pedelec less attractive to thieves. A smart complement to a mechanical lock.

For daily work-out sessions: The on-board computer provides all important training data in real time and shows the rider's cadence, calories burnt and personal performance. Kiox can be connected to a heart rate monitor using Bluetooth technology. The on-board computer notifies eBikers whether they are going above or below their average personal speed. This makes it easier to set and attain fitness goals.


Small, connected and pioneering: Kiox offers ambitious sporty eBikers access to the digital world via the eBike Connect smartphone app, while also enabling them to navigate to their destination. The robust colour display ensures eBikers can always see their riding data at a glance, while the separate control unit allows them to keep the eBike under control. Kiox can record your trips and send all the relevant data via the smartphone's Bluetooth connection to the eBike Connect online portal. When connected with a heart rate monitor using Bluetooth, it also enables riders to get the most out of training. This makes Kiox the perfect companion – for athletic rides and Connected Biking adventures.

Always on the right track: The new Kiox navigation function supports eBikers as they explore unfamiliar areas. Navigation is started using the smartphone. The on-board computer is connected via Bluetooth and indicates the planned ride on the display as a line showing the eBiker the route.

When the ride is a goal in itself: The new Navigation function of the on-board computer is perfectly tailored to the needs of sporty eBikers. The view on the display rotates in the direction of movement while riding and Kiox also shows the distance to the destination. This makes it very easy to navigate tracks.

Planning your own trips is easy: eBikers can easily plan their routes using the eBike Connect app or online portal and send them to Kiox via the app. When connected with komoot or Outdooractive, they can discover many more routes nearby.


Easy operation via the separate control unit.

Even when removed from the eBike, all important information, such as the total distance, can be called up.

Under all lighting conditions, exemplary ergonomics and ergonomic handling.

Intuvia charges your smartphone via the USB port, for example, while you are riding.

Your display reminds you when to book your next service appointment.

If the eBike light was on when the system was switched off, it is automatically switched on the next time the system is started.


Intuvia guarantees easy and intuitive control of your eBike. The display is easy to read in any situation and shows you all the important information.


Charge status, speed, riding mode, range, trip distance and total distance.

The backlit non-glare display allows you to read all riding data clearly.

The optional service interval display reminds you to fix the next service appointment for your eBike with the specialist dealer.

The specialist dealer can monitor the status of your Bosch eBike System via the micro-USB port.

Five support steps, safe operation with thumbs, neat handle bar.

If the eBike light was on when the system was switched off, it is automatically switched on the next time the system is started.


Design meets functionality: Purion is a minimalist on-board computer designed for anyone who wishes to focus on the most important information and prefers an uncluttered handlebar. Suitable for use in the city and countryside. You can focus on the essentials and get all important information at a click of your thumb, while keeping your hands on the handlebars throughout your trip. Five different riding modes give you just the right amount of assistance in every situation.