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Innovative form and function: the ACID Front Carrier HIC RILink is compatible with CUBE Trike Hybrid and CUBE Longtail Hybrid and attaches to the frame using the new HIC system developed by CUBE. Unlike carriers that bolt directly onto the head tube, the Front Carrier HIC can twist away in the event of an impact, reducing the likelihood of damage to the frame. The loading area's forward-pointing stays add stiffness in spades, while the 360° flowing outer contours set a new standard in front carrier design. This carrier is compatible with our ACID Basket 20 & 25 RILink (including the wicker version). Individual containers or plates can be bolted onto the loading area for maximum versatility. Luggage can be secured with bungee cords.


La marca ACID incluye accesorios y piezas de bicicleta de alta calidad. Detalles inteligentes, una alta funcionalidad e innovaciones sofisticadas caracterizan nuestros productos. Al mismo tiempo, el diseño sigue manteniendo unas formas claras, puristas, funcionales y exclusivas.


fits CUBE Trike Hybrid and CUBE Longtail Hybrid

spacious loading area fits 300 mm x 400 mm eurobox

compatible with ACID Basket 20 & 25 RILink

screw individual containers or plates onto the loading area

mount luggage with straps

innovative mounting system

HIC - Headtube Integrated Carrier

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