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  • road helmet

  • MIPS

  • 9 large vents

  • SILC 180+ Fit System with height and width adjustment can be fine-tuned with one hand for a perfect fit

  • triple-in-mould construction

  • flat dividers for optimized webbing guiding

  • removable, washable and antibacterial pads

  • other pad thicknesses available

  • Natural Fit concept

  • matte brushed + glossy finish

  • weight: 258 g

  • EPS triple-in-mould
  • S (49-55) - M (52-57) - L (57-62)


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When we set out to design the HERON, we didn't want to create just any road bike helmet. We wanted to create the ultimate road bike helmet! If you think aerodynamics come at the cost of an overheated head and painful neck – think again! After extensive wind tunnel testing, we came up with a design that directs cooling air over the entire head via deep ventilation channels yet doesn't look or feel too bulky in the process. At only 258g, our aero helmet gives you an extra portion of speed even on long-distance rides, while providing maximum comfort.

Il concetto Natural Fit

Il concetto Natural Fit di CUBE è sinonimo di maggiore comfort, più divertimento e meno problemi. Questi prodotti innovativi sono stati sviluppati in collaborazione con alcuni esperti di ergonomia e medicina con l'obiettivo di ridurre, se non di eliminare, ogni fonte di scomodità. Tutti i componenti e tutte le parti della serie Natural Fit sono stati progettati per assicurare il massimo comfort possibile e una funzionalità ideale. I materiali ad alta tecnologia e un design distintivo sono elementi caratteristici dei prodotti CUBE Natural Fit.

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The Brain Protection System MIPS can be found in many CUBE Helmets.

MIPS is a low friction layer between the helmet and the head that allows a sliding movement of 10-15mm, in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact forces.

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