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The ACID LATCH 6078 frame lock offers you the option of permanently mounting your mobile lock on the frame. It is extremely theft-proof, wear-resistant and weatherproof. Compact and lightweight, it is compatible with all CUBE hybrid frames with a frame lock mount, with a few exceptions. The perfect complement to the frame lock are the ACID PRO 100 and 150 insert chains, which you can use to additionally connect your bike to a fixed object.


La marque ACID comprend des accessoires et des pièces de vélo de haute qualité. Des détails astucieux, une haute fonctionnalité et des innovations intelligentes distinguent nos produits. Le langage du design reste toujours clair, puriste, fonctionnel et unique.


applied for ART2 certification

compatible with ACID plug-in chains

specially hardened locking bolt

stainless high performance steel ring

Lockpicking protected

ice spray tested

saw protection


certified pollutant-free

incl. two keys

Référence d'article



steele, plastic


589 g