Elite c68

The carbon fibre hardtail, honed to perfection

Reaction GTC

Agile handling regardless of wheel size

STEREO 140 c68 27.5

C68 – Carbon frame engineering at its best

Fritzz 180 HPA 27.5

The new fritzz – even better downhill performance , but would shame many all-mountain bikes on the climbs

Litening C68

Streamlined ride down to the last fibre – CUBE C68 opens a new chapter in carbon framing

Aerium Super HPC

this carbon work of art knows only one mode: Full speed ahead


Leading technology and detailed solutions unified in just one frame

Elite Hybrid HPC

the beginning of a new E-Bike era – carbon fibre chassis and premium parts

Stereo Hybrid 140 HPA

High-End Technology for uncompromising all-mountain performance

Elly Cruise

Because technology can be stylish

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