Natural Fit products – saddles, grips, gloves, shoes and backpacks – give every type of rider the opportunity to get the most out of their bike, from recreational riders to aspiring racers.

At CUBE, our developers are passionately committed to their work. They look at every last detail to create unrivalled comfort and ultimately improve performance. For the rider, the most important thing is to enjoy maximum comfort when on the bike. That's why user-friendliness takes top priority, from making pumps more ergonomic and comfortable to use, to placing hip pockets and easy access compartments on our backpacks exactly where they are needed for perfect access on the bike.


This new approach combining scientific and philosophical methodology is what puts the Natural Fit concept in a class of its own.

It is vital that cyclists can find the maximum level of comfort personal to them, whether it's to ensure riding stays enjoyable for recreational cyclists, or so aspiring or even professional athletes can squeeze out every last ounce of performance and power.

The results of our studies show how important it is to view the rider as an individual and to see their anatomical and physiological traits in the context of their preferred type of riding. As a result, a recommendation for a particular field of application might go completely against accepted practice. Take using insoles or the role of saddle cutouts and ergonomic channels, for example. In many cases, a radical rethink is needed.

The aim of the Natural Fit concept is to develop well-founded general recommendations that make it easier for the cyclist to choose the correct material and/or find the right set-up.

"Our main focus is that the machine should fit the human being, not the other way round."


Ergonomics? Natural Fit!

Ergonomics is the science behind the laws of human and machine interaction. The goal is to optimise the working environment and processes to achieve maximum quality and efficiency whilst at the same time reducing the speed at which the worker tires and preventing injuries – even during longer periods of strain. In the context of cycling, ergonomics is about finding the perfect symbiosis between rider and bike.

This correlates closely to the basic elements of osteopathic medicine, in particular the principle that structure and function are interrelated. By synthesising ergonomics and what is known as VegetoOsteopathieTM, we formed the basis for our Natural Fit philosophy. VegetoOsteopathie is a special method of applying osteopathic medicine developed by Dr Michael Foti. It combines classic osteopathic principles with conventional medical science and a holistic approach to the individual, in particular their energetic system.



We use state-of-the-art pressure sensor technology to identify sensitive pressure points directly and optimise our products or adjust the riding position.

Even the most minor of changes, such as altering the saddle height or choosing a different grip diameter, can significantly improve the pressure readings and make cycling a much more enjoyable experience.

But we don't stop there! In addition to the physiological side, the subjective impression of the rider is very important to us, too.

The rider is happy when our lab results confirm their gut feeling, and we gain the best seal of approval for our approach.


Battle the Discomfort

Any type of discomfort will inevitably lead to performance impairments over time and may even result in a complete inability to perform – irrespective of the rider's goals or preferred type of riding.

For performance athletes, the body can unconsciously respond to discomfort with protective mechanisms that downregulate performance, particularly towards the end of a session. Symptoms can appear spontaneously during training or racing, or turn into chronic problems. For example, choosing the incorrect saddle width in conjunction with the wrong sitting position can cause knee problems that can lead to long-term damage to the musculoskeletal system. For recreational cyclists, uncomfortable equipment can soon take the enjoyment out of cycling and may even be painful.


"The more the contact points between human and machine can adapt to the individual demands of the rider, the more freedom of movement the musculoskeletal system has and thus the better the performance."


Natural Fit Highlights


"A polished solution to rough impacts."

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"NF insoles allow the feet to move more naturally to make even the trickiest trail a walk in the park."

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"Make pumping up tyres a joy."

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"The EPS padding is designed to prevent pressure points on the sensitive cranial sutures while the Fit System relieves the pressure on blood vessels under the surface of the skin."

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"Every bottom is unique."


"Seven-league boots were yesterday: Now there's Natural Fit."

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"The slimline design and super-adjustable Fitting System offer maximum freedom of movement for all types of use."


"Optimum vibration damping meets maximum grip."


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