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Imagine our disappointment year in, year out when we had to put our plans for an e-road bike on hold. We simply couldn‘t find the right drive unit for the job. They were all too big, too heavy, too loud and created too much pedalling resistance above the power assistance threshold.

With the Fazua drive unit, we have finally found the perfect solution to our ambitious goals.

The invisible revolution

The innovative Fazua Drive Engine

We proudly present our vision of the perfect e-road bike, the Agree Hybrid C:62 SLT. It doesn‘t immediately jump out as an e-bike thanks to its svelte, integrated design. The drive unit is virtually silent and the freewheel completely disengages at speeds over 25 km/h (approx. 15 mph). It‘s also compatible with 2x drivetrains and delivers enough power to leave even the pros eating your dust on the climbs or riding into a headwind.

AGREE Hybrid C:62 SLT

100% Road Race.

Form follows function, and the Agree Hybrid C:62 SLT certainly pays homage to this claim. After all, it has long set the standard for elegant road bikes. Contained within the sculpted flanks of its down tube is the advanced Fazua drive pack and battery. Made from our premium C:62 carbon technology using the Advanced Twin Mold construction technology, the frame is astonishingly light, unbelievably stiff and looks stunning.

The 12 mm through-axles front and back deliver added rigidity for a superbly nimble response and the frame is big enough to accommodate 35 mm tyres and two bottle cages. This bike sets new standards for e-road bikes. It will take you places you never believed possible! Agree Hybrid C:62 SLT – 100% road race!

100% Road Race.

Agree Hybrid C:62 SLT

Redefine your expectations of what a road bike can be, then go out and ride routes you never thought possible...

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