High Performance CUBE Technology


carbon technology

Minimize weight, increasing stiffness

C:68 is all about highly innovative carbon technology, less resin and a higher fibre content. A fibre content of 68% and tiny nanoparticles in the resin minimise weight while increasing stiffness at the same time. For 2016 we optimised this high end material for existing and new frame platforms.

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Light and stiff at the same time: C:62

Frames that bear the C:62 logo, feature highly innovative developments from our HPC technology. Through ongoing optimization of the Advanced Twin Mold manufacturing process in which the overlaps of the layups were reduced, along with the development of carbon fiber technology, we created an extremely rigid lightweight frame with a 62% fiber content.

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Aluminium Technology

High Performance Aluminium is designed for high end use. Higher strength is achieved by using a special alloy in combination with a hardening heat treatment.

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ShockX zeichnet sich durch extrem gute Dämpfungseigenschaften aus. Frequenzen, die während des Fahrbetriebs auftreten, werden absorbiert, bevor sie Ermüdungen oder Krämpfe im Körper auslösen können.

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CUBE Test Laboratory - real life stress



Stereo Hybrid 120 C:62 SLT

When we set out to design the ultimate full suspension e-MTB, we realised we needed a completely new approach. So we took all the knowledge we‘ve accumulated from building some of the world‘s most acclaimed Bosch-powered e-bikes, added our engineers‘ unparalleled expertise in carbon frame technology, and came up with the bike you see here - the Stereo Hybrid C:62 120 SLT. E-MTBs don‘t come any lighter, faster or more accomplished than this

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AMS 100 C:68

The best riders demand the best performance from their bikes. We created the CUBE AMS 100 C:68 SLT 29 with this in mind, blending our brand new cross-country race chassis with hand-picked components from Fox and Sram to create the ultimate trail-devouring machine.

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Aerium C:68 SL

When you haven't compromised on your training, you want a bike that'll match your efforts. The CUBE Aerium C:68 SL Hadron is that bike - uncompromising in both design and execution. We refined the frame's profile in the wind tunnel, then used our best quality C:68 carbon layup and finished by selecting only the finest components.

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Reaction Hybrid Eagle

How do you improve on near perfection? It's a good question. Having completely redesigned our Reaction Hybrid frame for 2017 we wanted to eke the maximum possible performance out of its newly tweaked geometry. The answer was to select the very best components, topped off with SRAM's revolutionary 1x12 Eagle transmission. The result is our Reaction Hybrid Eagle. There's no better-handling, better-equipped aluminium e-MTB hardtail: fact.

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hybrid technology

Your reliable energy source.

Bosch Power Pack

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Bosch and CUBE: German engineering at its best

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Modern shifting with CUBE

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Natural Fit Concept

Natural Fit is more than just ergonomic design: CUBE‘s Natural Fit products – saddles, grips, shoes and backpacks – help every rider make the best possible use of their CUBE bike. Whether you‘re a recreational weekend rider, an aspiring racer or a daily commuter, the CUBE Natural Fit team‘s meticulous attention to detail means you‘ll experience unparalleled comfort.

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CUBE Wear: BlackLine Series - Maximised Functionality and Understatement

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CUBE Race Flex Series

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C:62 Shoes: Made for Racing

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