CUBE Action Team

Greg Callaghan

In his first season as pilot of the CUBE Action Team, he was often under the best 20 in the world in various races. The young Irishman has a special flowing riding style, that allows him to almost always achieve fast stage times. Through his extremely likeable personality, Greg is, and will for sure, remain an important component of the team, ensuring various successes throughout the 2016 season.

About Greg

What motto describes you best?

"Sure, if nothing else, it's a day out" & "you're better looking at it than looking for it." - Irish sayings.

How would your best friends describe you – 3 words?

Hard working, easy going, positive.

Why do you ride DH/4x/Enduro?

There are so many reasons but it would be because I've always loved the speed of downhill and the toughness of XC, so when enduro came along it was the perfect fit for me. I love where an enduro bike can take you and what modern bikes are capable of. You can do it all on one bike!

What is your favorite spot?

My local trails in Threerock. It's really technical there and no matter where you have been, you will always come home and scare yourself in Threerock. It's also right beside my house and has an awesome view of Dublin City.

What is your biggest spleen?

Untill this year I always had to work long hours during winter to fund my racing and then do the season on a tight budget. It was tough at times but it's worth it in the end to travel the world riding your bike.

What is your favorite music/song during training?

I usually don't train with music but if I do just something upbeat that can get you moving works for me.

Sport is hard work and needs a lot discipline. What is the hardest exercise in your fitness program?

Probably going out in really bad weather and having to do a hard interval session on the road bike.

What is your motivation?

I love riding my bike fast and enjoy my training, so it's easy to go out and train to be better at what I love. And winning, who doesn't love winning?



Rank 5 - Rotorua, New Zealand

Rank 2 - Tasmania, Australia

Rank 1 - Madeira, Portugal

Rank 6 - Finale Ligure, Italy

Rank 3 - Overall Ranking


Rank 1 - Wicklow (IRL), Enduro World Series

Rank 6 - Valberg-Guillaumes (FRA), Enduro World Series


Rank 7 - Finale Ligure (ITA), Enduro World Series

Rank 3 - Peebles (SCO), Enduro World Series

Rank 1 - Wicklow (IRL), Enduro World Series