RFR Saddle CITY COMFORT D2 with Elastomer

  • large, wide city bike saddle for a large contact area and superior pressure distribution

  • Dual Density Technology for enhanced sit bone comfort

  • anatomical channel for particularly sensitive areas

  • elastomer suspension for added pressure relief

  • Saddle shell with perineal cut-out

  • weight: 660 g

  • PU-Cover, Dual-Density Shell

  • (LxW) 272 x 213 mm

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Best comfort! This seat combines the Dual-Density-Technology, which relieves the sit bones, with elastomer springs for a better distribution of pressure. These features will make you feel more comfortable. The same applies for the form of the seat. It’s not only shaped very wide and big, but also in an anatomical way with various smart recesses. With this seat you’re well-equipped for each CITY tour.