News 10/11/2018

Team Wanty-Groupe Gobert - Tour of Taihu Lake (4)

Boris Vallée strengthens his leader jersey

The fourth stage of the Chinese stage race Tour of Taihu Lake (2.1, 07-14/10) offered a local lap of 12 kilometers that had to be overcome 8 times. The flat profile caused a fast stage at an average of 49 km/h. No break really managed to go clear. Boris Vallée took 1 bonus second in each of the two intermediate sprints. In the final sprint Vallée rode to 10th place. In the general classification he extends his lead to 14 seconds with three more stages ahead. The 25-year-old Walloon rider is also leading the points classification.

Boris Vallée: 

"It was very tough today. The various breakaway attempts never lasted longer than one lap. That caused a fast stage. I had confidence in the team and made a goal of the intermediate sprints. I sprinted twice 3rd, so I gain 2 more seconds. But in those sprints I also lost energy, just like Wesley Kreder and Mark McNally who launched me. There was headwind in the sprint, that did not make it any easier."

"In the final sprint I chose the wrong side. I was on the right and was therefore not protected from the wind. But that way I was not in the danger zone for crashes. I would like to win another stage, but I am already starting to think about the final classification. I really do not want to crash here and thus lose the final victory."

"Everything is going well for the moment. We are getting closer to the end. There are three more stages waiting. I did not have the best legs today, but we already have five race days in the legs. I have confidence in the sequel. I hope the break will leave early tomorrow so that we can control until the end like on Wednesday."

Stage 4:

1. Dylan Kennett

2. Leonardo Bonifazio

3. Daniel Lopez Parada

10. Boris Vallée

67. Marco Minnaard

74. Mark McNally

94. Kevin Van Melsen

95. Jasper De Laat

97. Wesley Kreder


1. Boris Vallée

2. Benjamin Dyball + 0 :14

3. Alexander Catharford 

44. Mark McNally + 1:16

49. Wesley Kreder + 1:20

50. Kevin Van Melsen + 1:22

53. Jasper De Laat + 1:26

55. Marco Minnaard + 1:27

Points classification:

1. Boris Vallée

2. Juan Sebastian Molano + 4 pts

3. Daniel Lopez + 13 pts