News 04/16/2021

CUBE Nuroad C:62 Race - Test winner "Tour"

The Nuroad C:62 Race wins best in test in Tour magazine (05/2021) in a test of "Trendsetter" before other brands such as Bergamont, BMC, Canyon, Felt, Focus, Fuji, Giant, Rose and Strock.

"The Nuroad is the direct manifestation of Cube's now extensive experience equipping multiple cyclocross teams with top bikes. Even our less experienced testers noticed its sporty personality and strong cyclocross pedigree. The lightest bike in our test accelerates playfully and retains its stable handling at high speed. Its tyres strike that elusive balance between offering enough grip off road yet rolling fast on smooth surfaces. This is simply a no-nonsense bike with few frills and no flaws to be found. The wide-range 2x11 drivetrain has enough gears to have you covered in all situations, and our testers loved the slightly flared handlebars and comfy saddle."

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