120, 140 or 160? There's a full suspension e-bike for everyone in our Stereo range. Each boasts an optimised chassis, geometry and components, so all you have to do is choose the one that matches your preferred type and style of riding! Decisions, decisions...

Stereo Hybrid 120 - THE ALLROUNDER

The Stereo Hybrid 120 is your golden ticket to never-ending mountain bike adventures.
Great looks, offroad performance and everyday practicality – the Allroad option is a hugely versatile beast.

Stereo Hybrid 140 - THE TRAILHUNTER

Want amazing all mountain performance that'll have you surfing the trails for days?
The Stereo Hybrid 140 is just the job.

Stereo Hybrid 160 - THE RACER

Miles of smiles: The Stereo Hybrid 160 can handle the toughest
enduro challenges you care to throw its way.

Full Integrated Battery

The future of e-bikes is all about battery pack integration. Thanks to our Full Integrated Battery technology, the sky‘s the limit for our designers when developing new frame concepts. The best bit? No compromise on technology. From standard batteries to the PowerTube, they virtually disappear into the frame to give our e-bikes exceptional good looks that combine sportiness with elegance. Sealed battery covers protect against dirt and water ingress yet are easy to remove for charging. The in-frame charging option also comes as standard on all e-bikes.

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