Go anywhere, ride anything – that's the simple promise of a CUBE hybrid full suspension bike. Bosch power and CUBE suspension design work together to improve comfort, extend your trail riding range and expand your riding possibilities. From exploring the Alps to ticking off trail centre routes and everything in between, we've a CUBE Stereo hybrid to suit every rider from trail to enduro, whatever your experience or aspirations.




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STEREO 160 HPAShow Bikes

enduro ability meets Bosch power for the ultimate in trail fun

STEREO 140 HPAShow Bikes

versatile, mountain-taming, nimble and adaptable: the ultimate all-rounder

STEREO 120 HPA, HPCShow Bikes

ride every trail, anywhere with our comfortable hybrid trail-tamer

Stereo Hybrid 160 Action Team

The Stereo Hybrid 160 Action Team has earned the right to wear this coveted name because we're confident it can meet the stringent demands of enduro riding under the toughest of conditions. Refined even further for 2019, it represents the pinnacle of our experience racing enduro and building the world's best Bosch-powered e-bikes.

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Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC TM

Here's something a little different: a mid-travel Bosch e-bike with a focus on performance and trail-taming ability. So that you've the confidence to ride that little bit faster, that little bit further and that little bit tougher... but all in comfort and complete control. All you need now is an appetite for adventure, and some trails to explore. Let's ride...

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For demanding female riders

Women's Series

We know that women are different from men; that much is obvious. That’s why we developed our range of Woman Like Series bikes specifically for women. But it's not only the color of the bikes that is adapted to women - mostly, the geometry is specifically developed for the female anatomy. With the Women's Series, women can get exactly what they want!

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