Nothing beats the speed, comfort and control of a CUBE full suspension bike. From downhill or cross-country racers chasing their next podiums to enduro enthusiasts and multi-day Alpine explorers, our engineers have a bike for every adventure and any trail. Combining the latest frame technology with cutting edge geometry and suspension design, a CUBE full suspension bike is the ultimate way to discover new trail riding highs. 


Cross Country


All Mountain




AMS 100Show Bikes

pure, unadulterated cross-country speed: the podium awaits

STEREO 120Show Bikes

control, speed and agility combined... for trail explorers everywhere

STEREO 140Show Bikes

the future of All Mountain has arrived – expand your horizons

STEREO 150Show Bikes

extra grip, extra travel and extra control for extraordinary adventures

HANZZ 190Show Bikes

bringing the Bike Park home with a dose of real world fun

TWO15Show Bikes

gravity sucks. Harness its power with the formidable Two15

For demanding female riders

Women's Series

We know that women are different from men; that much is obvious. That’s why we developed our range of Woman Like Series bikes specifically for women. But it's not only the color of the bikes that is adapted to women - mostly, the geometry is specifically developed for the female anatomy. With the Women's Series, women can get exactly what they want!

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AMS 100 C:68 TM

At CUBE we believe you shouldn't always judge a book by its cover. The result is a bike that doesn't just look fast, but is capable of taking even the most demanding of trails apart and reassembling them in smooth, easily-digestible chunks of flat-out fun. Race to win, ride to live: it's the CUBE Trail Motion creed.

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