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"The conversations and plannings about the foundation of a new team were already ongoing since the middle of 2022, so the riders could be informed early on how things will continue." says Weber. The team's focus in the future will be on the U23 age group, where riders are between 18 and 22 years old. This age group decides whether atalented cross-country mountain biker will make it to the top of the world or not..

Fabian Eder and Lars Graeter have caught the attention with very good achievements in the junior class over the last few years. "Both of them are fortunately part of the new team and were the basis for the founding of the new team and the vision we want to pursue in the next few years," informs Weber. They are among the best riders of their age group in Germany and have earned the opportunity for an even more professional environment. While Lars Graeter, ambting Junior World Championship eighth, is entering his first year in the U23, must and will gain experience, Eder is moving into his second year, in which he is aiming for a step into the top 20 of the World Cup Series.

In addition, Kira Boehm joins the team as an U23 rider who has made a big step in the right direction in recent years. With a 13th place in the 2022 UCI World Cup overall ranking of the U23 women's class, the rider from Weilheim has attracted attention and fits perfectly into the concept of Weber's team to promote U23 riders of the German-speaking countries in a professional environment.

Sven Straehle joins the team as an elite rider and will take on the role of the team captain. "I see my position as the oldest in the team to pass on experiences to the young riders that I have already gathered in my career. I think it is important in the development of young talents to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to give them assistance so that they can develop successfully," says Straehle about his task. "As an experienced athlete, he fits very well into our concept of promoting young riders and is also aware of this role," says Weber about the team constellation with Sven Straehle.

As a UCI mountain bike team, Cube Next Generation XC focuses on the complete UCI World Series calendar, as well as selected national and international races that suit well for the preparation for the UCI World Series. The German Championship in Albstadt, in mid-July, is another highlight, where the team may well be in contention for titles in the U23 age group. The 2023 season is about getting acclimated and getting to know the routines. The team's goal is to win national titles and show consistent performances in the UCI World Series.