News 05/16/2019

CUBE Actionteam riders Sofia Wiedenroth and Gusti Wildhaber on the hunt for medals

With a race win and a third place, CUBE Actionteam rider Gusti Wildhaber was on fire in front of his home crowd at the WES races in Ascona-Locarno. 23-year-old German Sofia Wiedenroth put in a super-impressive performance, finishing on the podium with a second and third.

The WES e-Bike Series headed to Switzerland for its second stop and with two races to compete in – enduro and cross-country – there was plenty of opportunity for CUBE Actionteam riders Sofia Wiedenroth and Gusti Wildhaber to show their mettle. First up was the enduro competition, with riders tackling 2,500 m of elevation change over the 46 km course. Slick and slippery after a heavy night of rain, the track pushed the riders to their limits. Swiss-born Gusti battled it out neck-and-neck with his rivals to take the win by a whisker on his CUBE Stereo 160 Actionteam. Despite crashing, Sophia managed to secure third place after five long hours of racing. Just two hours later the riders lined up again in the start pen for the cross-country race. The technical 4.5 km track with 200 m of climbing demanded ultra-precise handling skills and a careful line choice. After a hectic scramble in the first lap, Sofia found her rhythm and put in a consistent performance on the challenging course to take second place. Gusti rode to third on his CUBE Stereo 120.