Easy Entry offers exactly what it says: quick, simple access for any rider thanks to clever frame design features.

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The Trapeze design combines all the attributes of our Men's frame with classic looks and easier mounting and dismounting.

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Our classic Men's frame is the versatile, comfortable and strong all-rounder for all occasions.

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Cross Hybrid SL Allroad

Shimano XT 12 speed and RockShox suspension with Bosch Gen 4 power: no compromise

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Nature Hybrid EXC Allroad

10-speed Shimano reliability meets Bosch power for easy urban mobility

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Town Sport Hybrid EXC

Practical urban mobility in a stylish Bosch and Shimano 12 speed-powered package

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Kathmandu Hybrid SLT

The ultimate Bosch e-bike explorer: Shimano XT 12 speed and RockShox suspension

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Town Hybrid SL

Ultimate urban comfort and practicality with Bosch power and touchscreen control

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Ella Cruise Hybrid

Shimano hub gear simplicity, retro style and Bosch e-bike power combined

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