Zdolajte štrkové a rozbité cesty alebo sa vydajte na výlet po lesných a lúčnych cestičkách do miest, kde by ste sa s klasickým bicyklom nikdy nedostali. Vyskúšajte niečo nové a vydajte sa za novým dobrodružstvom.



However far you ride, biking should always be one thing: fun!


Gravel road? Forest track? Tarmac? Bikepacking? With a gravel bike there are no more limits – only limitless possibilities.


Made for the road, built for you: Performance has never been so effective!


Bag yourself a cyclocross bike – perfect to tackle your next race in the mud and sludge!


Everything you need to head straight to the front of the peloton!

UCI compliant

Rewriting the rulebook for fully UCI-compliant bikes.


CROSS RACE C:62Zobraziť bicykle

If weekend racing's in your blood, the Cross Race C:62's the boost you need. Light, precise and quick as hell, it's got podium written all over it.

CROSS RACEZobraziť bicykle

With a brand new lighter frame and full carbon fork, the Cross Race HPA is your ticket to the joy of off-road, skinny-tyred racing.

NUROAD C:62Zobraziť bicykle

You can't beat carbon for comfortable performance. The Nuroad C:62's svelte, high performance frame is just the ticket for gravel exploration.

NUROADZobraziť bicykle

Newly redesigned with a full carbon fork and lighter frame, our Nuroad HPA is your ideal companion for unpaved adventures of the gravelly kind.

For us_#women

Whoever you are and wherever you're going – we've got you covered. 

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Cross Race C:62 SLT

Wireless Sram Force AXS 12 speed and carbon cyclocross performance, combined

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Nuroad C:62 SL

Wireless Sram Eagle 12 speed meets carbon gravel comfort and versatility

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Nuroad Race FE

Gravel-specific Shimano equipment plus a full adventure spec for touring or commuting

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Nuroad WS

Ride-anywhere versatility with CUBE ruggedness and Shimano reliability

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