Na maratónové preteky nie je nič lepšie ako ľahký hardtail. A neexistujú žiadny lepší pretekárksy hardtail, ako náš úplne nový CUBE Elite. Kombináciou inšpiratívnej nízkej hmotnosti s efektívnou tuhosťou a prekvapivým komfortom a odolnosťou je to štandard, podľa ktorého sa posudzujú všetky ostatné maratónske hardtaily.

C:68X Technology

When we set out to develop the C:68 technology, one of our biggest priorities was to reduce the amount of resin to what we consider the ideal level: 32%. We also enhanced the resin's texture by adding special nanoparticles to make it even tougher than ever. C:68X builds on this know-how and takes it to the next level by incorporating specific fibre choices and orientations. With this new technology, we can select and orient the carbon fibres to add stiffness or compliance to precise sections of the frame as needed. Fibres on each part of the frame are oriented according to load, which allows us to exploit the full potential of carbon fibre and deliver huge improvements in ride performance. Say goodbye to the homogeneous weave of the C:68 frame and hello to C:68X technology in all its glory: always the perfect materials and orientations needed for the specific frame section. We use up to six different fibre types in layup and actually save weight despite the increased aerodynamic efficiency and full system integration. The result: Even more rigidity with compliance exactly where it's needed for a more comfortable and safer frame. Sound like a pipe dream? Welcome to the future!

Elite C:68X SL

Shimano XTR components, Fox 32 Step-Cast Factory fork and premium carbon – cross-country perfection

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