Pokojné, čisté potešenie z cyklistiky. Krása bicyklov Axial tkvie nielen v jeho vzhľade. Pod elegantným exteriérom sa skrýva srdce a duša tohto modelu. K jeho zostaveniu sme využili všetkých našich skúseností s cestnými bicyklami, a vďaka tomu sa nám podarilo postaviť rýchly, pohodlný a prakticky nezastaviteľný bicykel.

Advanced Twin Mold

The Advanced Twin Mold process eliminates any dangerous folding by continuous control of carbon fibers during the curing process. This is made possible by an internal form which provides the perfect frame form during the layup process. Each individual fibre remains precisely in position as it cures. In this way less material can be used as the individual layers can be more accurately and reliably positioned. This production method also makes it possible to increase the carbon fibre proportion in line with anticipated loadings at specific points on the frame. All C:62 and C:68 models are manufactured using this high-tech method.

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