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The bike for the professionals - thanks to our high-end C:68 Carbon frame and race optimized geometry.

LITENING C:62Show Bikes

A lightweight, dream bike for ambitious cyclists with a high-quality C:62 carbon frame.

AGREE C:62Show Bikes

With this bike, there are no compromises: C:62 Carbon frame, disc brakes and maximum aerodynamics it's ready for racing.


Comfortable on tours, lightweight carbon fiber frame and with the option of discs make a great all rounder.


A high-quality aluminum frame for long tours with high comfort levels, ergonomically balanced and complete with a disc option.


Reliable through mud, wind and the harshest conditions even when racing.

SL ROADShow Bikes

With the SL road, it's quick and comfortable to work and you can even do a relaxing after work ride.

Aerium C:68Show Bikes

Optimized for speed - this Carbon bike is for ambitious triathletes and time trialists.

Aerium HPAShow Bikes

A true multi-sport triathlon bike with a high-quality high-performance aluminum frame.

Wanty Groupe Gobert

The Belgium Pro Continental Team finished second in the UCI Europe Tour ranking, won ten UCI races and finished on the podium 43 times in total.

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C:68: Materiál, z ktorého sú tvorené sny o pretekoch

CUBE’s highly innovative new C68 carbon fibre technology allows us to build better bikes than ever. Typically, carbon fibre frames are around 60% carbon fibre, with the rest being the resin that bonds the fibres together. By distributing carbon fibres evenly, we can make thinner layers within the frame and reduce the amount of resin. Those fibres are a mixture of Ultra High Modulus, High Modulus Spread Tow and Intermediate Modulus carbon, each chosen for the needs of the particular area of the frame. Nanoparticles within the resin itself allows it to be distributed more evenly when under pressure in the frame mould. The result is a range of frames with 68% carbon fibre – lower weight, higher stiffness, more fun.

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CUBE Road Race - máme ten správny cestný bicykel pre každého jazdca

Pohodlie, vytrvalosť, preteky – tri platformy cestných bicyklov CUBE poskytnú každému jazdcovi ten správny bicykel. Keď chcete ísť rýchlo a zároveň zachovať vysoký komfort, potom sú tu naše bicykle rady Comfort. Model SL Road je ideálny na výletné jazdenie, Attain zvládne aj maratónske jazdy a dlhšie vzdialenosti. Agree je zaradený do vytrvalostnej kategórie kde potrebujete pohodlie a čo najlepšiu aerodynamiku. Litening je čistokrvný pretekársky bicykel zameraný na rýchlosť.

CUBE Litening C:68 SLT

When you unleash a team of enthusiastic engineers and ask them to develop the ultimate racing bike, the result is likely to be pretty special. Well, you're looking at it: our Litening C:68 SLT Disc.

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