CUBE Backpack Protection Pad

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  • multi-impact resistant

  • protecting level 1

  • residual force following EN 1621-2 under 11 kN

  • washable by handwash

  • weight: 280 g

  • viscoelastic soft foam

  • one size

Art. L.p.:

*Sugerowana cena detaliczna


The word has gotten out by now that a back protector is a great thing when mountain biking precisely because of the increased risk of crashing. Just like a helmet, it offers protection where it is needed most in the worst case scenario. If the piece is going to be worn, then it should be so lightweight that I hardly notice it and I can add it with a quick reach into my EDGE TWENTY backpack ... so what's the real reason to pursue the trails without one? There's not one for me!

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