Natural Fit Saddle Sequence

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  • t-shape saddle for more freedom of leg movement

  • pressure-relieving due to Deep-Shell technology

  • Natural Fit ergo-relief-channel

  • CrMo rails

  • high-quality PU covering

  • memory foam, integrated saddle adapter mount

  • optimised for Bent Forward position (Saddler Finder B1)

  • weight: 338 g (regular)

  • CrMo, GF-reinforced nylon, PU, memory foam
  • (LxW), Regular (250 x 158 mm), Large (250 x 170 mm)

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*Sugerowana cena detaliczna


Outstanding comfort thanks to pressure-relieving Deep Shell technology and padding with the Natural Fit Designline anatomical channel to take pressure off sensitive areas. Cover made from high-quality PU for added comfort. Features an integrated saddle adapter mount. Optimised for the Bent Forward position (saddle finder B1).


CUBE Natural Fit means more comfort, more fun and fewer problems. These innovative products were developed with ergonomic and medical expertise with the goal of reducing or eliminating comfort issues. All components and parts of our Natural Fit series are designed to deliver the best possible comfort and perfect functionality. Hightech materials and distinctive design are a trademark of CUBE Natural Fit products.

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