Andi Böcherer

Piąty na Hawajach i srebrny medalista Mistrzostw Europy Ironman, Andi decyduje się na jazdę na rowerach CUBE.

"Doświadczenie CUBE w dziedzinie aerodynamiki da mi dużą przewagę. Moim planem jest nie tylko przyspieszenie treningu, ale także poprawienie wydajności, tj. szybsza jazda przy tym samym wysiłku. Bardzo się cieszę, że znalazłem najlepszego partnera do tego celu. Mając wsparcie CUBE, chcę spełnić swoje marzenie o złocie na Hawajach."

- Andi Böcherer -

Andi got into triathlon through a combination of his passion for sport and adventure and the search to find his own limits. He competed in his first triathlon in 2002 before turning pro in 2008. In 2014, Andi was forced to cut short his season following a collision with a vehicle in training. He returned with a bang in 2015, claiming four golds over the middle distance and a third place at Ironman Frankfurt. In 2016, he took gold in four out of six races, set a new personal best at Ironman Frankfurt with a super fast time of 7:53:40, and finished a career-best fifth at Ironman Hawaii. Andi made an explosive debut to his first season riding the CUBE Aerium C.68, taking two silver medals at the European Championships – over the long and middle distances – and another two second places at Ironman 70.3 events. His goal is to be back in top form for Hawaii in 2019 after injury in 2018. Andi has already made a promising start to the new racing season with a win at Pays d'Aix 70.3.

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About Andi

What music do you use to motivate yourself in the last 30 minutes before a race?

Rage Against The Machine


What is your training must-have?

My bike helmet, without a doubt. I never ride without it.


How many hours per week do you spend on the bike and what's your favourite training session?

Around 10-12 hours. My favourite session is 30/15s on my Litening. I find a climb that’s not too steep and do 30-second VO2 max intervals with 15 seconds of rest in between.


How do you recover after a long day of training?

Sleep well, take our little dog for a walk and relax with some cooking – and eating, of course! I also like to take the kids out on the bikes for an ice cream.

What do you do when not swimming, cycling or running?

Spend time with my family and there are always jobs to be done around the house and garden. I also took up horse riding recently but unfortunately don't have much time for it.


What is your biggest strength?

The will to go to my limits again and again and not give up if something doesn’t go to plan.


What is important to you?

Harmony, no question about it. I perform best when things are good in my private life and everyone around me is happy. I also have to feel good physically – so no niggling aches and pains.


What’s your life motto?

“Make it your way.” Find your own path and don't get distracted by what others do or say.



14th Place - Ironman 70.3 Dubai

5th Place - Challenge Gran Canaria


2nd Place – Triathlon de gerardmer

2nd Place - Triathlon Buschhütten

1st Place - 70.3 Pays d´Aix

1st Place – Ironman Switzerland

2nd Place – Ironman Santa cruz 70.3


1st Place - Dirty Race Murr

1st Place - X-Duathlon Trier

8th Place - International Walliseller Triathlon

2nd Place - Challenge Gran Canaria


2nd Place - Ironman European Championship Frankfurt

2nd Place - Ironman 70.3 European Championship Elsinore

2nd Place - Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten

2nd Place - Ironman 70.3 Vichy


1st Place - Triathlon de Géradmer

1st Place - Ironman St. Pölten

1st Place - Challenge Fuerteventura

1st Place - Challenge Heilbronn (Deutsche Meisterschaft)

2nd Place - Ironman European Championship Frankfurt

5th Place - Ironman World Championship Hawaii


1st Place - Ironman 70.3. Pays d'Aix

1st Place - Ironman St. Pölten

1st Place - Ironman 70.3. Cozumel

1st Place - Challenge Heilbronn (Deutsche Meisterschaft)

2nd Place - Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau

3rd Place - Ironman European Championship Frankfurt

6th Place - Ironman 70.3. World Championship Zell am See

20th Place - Ironman World Championship Hawaii


Because of a collision with a vehicle in training Andi had to cancel the season.


2nd Place - Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten

3rd Place - Ironman 70.3 Oceanside

5th Place - Ironman Championship Frankfurt