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Litening na nowo zapisuje reguły wyścigów kolarskich. Dosłownie. Całkowicie przeprojektowany, aby był możliwie najbardziej aerodynamiczny. Jest to tajna broń, której potrzebujesz, aby wyrwać się na czoło peletonu i znaleźć się na podium. Szybki i lekki. Przecina powietrze jak gorący nóż masło. Wybij się na prowadzenie i wygrywaj.


A road race bike needs to be fast. That much is obvious, but how to extract more speed from bike and rider? That was the question our engineering team asked themselves at the beginning of the design process for the brand-new Litening. And the answer? Make the frame as slippery as possible through the air. It's a familiar concept for time trial and triathlon bikes, but not so much for race machines. The new Litening re-writes the rules by borrowing from our experience building the standard-setting Aerium C:68. Making extensive use of Computer Fluid Dynamics – backed up with wind tunnel testing at every stage of the design and production process – our engineers were able to finesse the frame's design to realise a 30% reduction in drag. In the world of marginal gains, that's enough to make this a genuine breakaway machine.
The fully UCI-compliant chassis design integrates frame, fork, stem, handlebar and seat post into a structure that's as efficient through the air as possible. Beautifully crafted from our next-generation C:68X carbon, it's even designed to be minimally affected by crosswinds. The integrated headset features an aero top cap and we were able to reduce the frontal areas of the head tube and fork crown by using disc brakes. It's also highly configurable to suit every race and rider – internal cable routing for Sram and Shimano electronic gears is standard, as is a removable front derailleur mount, and there are multiple bottle positions available. With clearance for tyres up to 28mm and power meter-ready, it's the speed machine you've been looking for to maximise your chances of success. Don't chance it on race day. Ride the Litening – and just go.

Litening C:68X SLT

Wznieś się na nowy poziom szybkości z nowym przełożeniem Shimano Dura-Ace 2x12 Di2, kołami Newmen Advanced STREEM i aerodynamiczną konstrukcją karbonową.

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