Optimum support - over any distance

The right pad for every riding intensity

Chamois PADS: whatever you ride, there's a pad for you


Perfect for enthusiasts – Our TEAM PAD is constructed from two different foam densities for optimum pressure distribution, while Skyving technology gives the padding an incredibly smooth (contour-free) and comfortable top surface. The soft edges of the individual foam layers are on the underside to minimise skin irritation and maximise comfort. The pre-formed TEAM Pad with shaped side wings has excellent moisture management and offers even the most demanding cyclists superior support on long and challenging rides.


Compact and powerful – Our LINER PAD offers reduced thickness on both the seat and front areas, without compromising great support on long rides. High elasticity allows the foam to adapt perfectly to the body and pedalling motion. In addition, the perforated, quick-drying fabric top surface delivers excellent moisture management and superior overall comfort.


A reliable all-rounder – The ATX PAD is constructed from dual-density foam with excellent damping properties. Refined Edge technology ensures a soft transition between the foam layers to reduce skin irritation. The pre-formed padding with shaped side wings has outstanding moisture management and adds comfort where it's needed on long and short rides alike.


Comfortable and light – Our LINER PAD CMPT features an innovative edge design. The gradual reduction of the foam thickness towards the edge ensures superior comfort and helps prevent skin irritation. High elasticity allows the foam to adapt perfectly to the body and pedalling motion. The quick-drying fabric ensures excellent moisture management. This pad is perfect for urban use and medium to long distances.


Tailor-made for junior riders – The JUNIOR PAD is designed around specific anthropometric data to create a pad size and shape that works perfectly with kid's clothing. Its soft construction and double-layer padding offer flexibility and comfort in spades. The perforated, quick-drying surface fabric keeps kids supported and happy over short to medium distances.


Anatomic shape

Our anatomically shaped chamois pads are tailored to the individual demands of women and men. Relief channels allow the pad to mould perfectly to the body. They also improve air circulation and minimise pressure points on sensitive areas.