It‘s never too soon to discover the joys of racing bikes. At CUBE we recognise the importance of encouraging and nurturing young riders, which is why we‘re proud to support clubs and aspiring junior racers in their efforts. Nerves on the start line. The excitement of the sprint for the holeshot. The effort, the concentration, the buzz. It‘s all good. It‘s all racing.


Every great racer, whether they‘re an Olympic athlete or a World Cup winner, started somewhere. There‘s a good chance they were encouraged by their parents, their local club or their friends. Racing is fun, and that‘s a message that youngsters pick up on quickly. There‘s never been a better time to introduce your young riders to the spirit of competition.

Reaction C:62 Youth

If your junior mountain biker has caught the racing bug, they'll need a bike to make the best of their evolving skills and fitness. The brand new Reaction C:62 Youth is just that bike. Exceptionally light, equipped for speed and built to the same standards as our adult race bikes, it's got everything that budding cross-country racers need... and nothing that they don't.

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