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Lucky Numbers Game

We are pleased to present our CUBE XMAS Countdown 2016 which will be held each day from December 1st -24th 2016 on our website.

All you need to do is to choose a number from 1 up to 600 (e.g. 384).Each day a new door will open and a new prize will be available to win. Each day in December will have a different CUBE accessory prize.

To participate and have a chance to win you just need to click on the “Join and win” link and simply submit a lucky number (from 1 -600) of your choice by typing in your e-mail address and name. Everybody is allowed to make only one guess each day.

We will activate new prizes at random times each day to give as many fans as possible the chance to participate due to work, school or time zone differences. Each day the game ends at midnight (24.00hrs or 12.00pm) CET (central european time).

In case no user gets the day’s Lucky Number, the winner will be the one who is closest to it first. If two fans post the same Lucky Number, the winner will be the one who posted the right one first.

You can check how we generate the Lucky Numbers here: www.random.org.