Does your heart beat for the urban skyline? This e-bike is the perfect way to leave your mark on the city and start a two-wheeled revolution!


Whether you need to nip to the local bakery in the morning, ride to the lake for swim in the afternoon, or just take in the sights, a CUBE Bosch hybrid is your ideal two-wheeled camping companion – wherever you are.


FOLD HYBRIDEkspoziciniai dviračiai

Bosch e-bike power combined with folding bike convenience: the hybrid you can take with you anywhere

COMPACT HYBRIDEkspoziciniai dviračiai

The Compact Hybrid is the Bosch-powered bike for everyone: small, nimble and easily adaptable to any rider or journey.

S-PEDELEC Ekspoziciniai dviračiai

The speed pedelec for discerning riders – fourth-generation Bosch power plus Shimano XT 12-speed.

Trike Concept

The urban transport revolution starts here.
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Fold Hybrid

The compact, folding Bosch e-bike you can take with you – with Shimano 5-speed hub gears

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Compact Hybrid

Small but perfectly formed – the Bosch e-bike for commuting, for camping, for everyone

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