No compromise, no limits. Built from the ground up to be the best-performing, most aerodynamic time trial bike around, the Aerium C:68 sets new standards for wind-cheating efficiency and rider comfort. From food and water storage to brake integration, we've sweated the details so you can just pedal.



Twin Head Tube

Low- / High Base Bar - Options

The low option (flat bar) is 400 mm wide and optimised for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

The sleek high option (riser bar) is 420 mm wide and 40 mm high, making reductions in aerodynamic drag possible that would otherwise require spacers.



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4 arm aerodynamic development process

Redefining aerodynamic development in the cycling industry, this unique interconnected development process is designed to perfectly match reality, for delivering 'real world performance’ out on the road where in matters.
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) More advanced than any other in the cycling industry. Using the latest CFD technologies from Formula 1, including real time ‘transient’ flow models of the complete bike and rider. Backed up with extensive wind tunnel correlation, Swiss Side’s CFD methods are second to none in terms of closeness to reality.
  • WIND TUNNEL Swiss Side’s wind tunnel testing methods are the most advanced in the cycling industry. Using unique systems such as steering torque measurement and rider laser positioning systems, the result is an unparalleled wind tunnel development capability.
  • INSTRUMENTED BIKE The most advanced on-bike aerodynamic measurement system ever seen. Using an array of sensors to measure aerodynamics out on the road and importantly, how the rider reacts, this unique system delivers 'real world data' about aerodynamic performance for BETTER UNDERSTANDING = BETTER PERFORMANCE.
  • PERFORMANCE SIMULATION Quantifying ‘real world performance’ to direct development where it matters. Swiss Side’s simulation tools allow the time won or lost to be calculated for any design or setup, over any course for any rider, in any conditions. Like this, performance can be quantified at any point during the development phase to make the best design decisions.



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Aerium C:68 SLT

Sram Red AXS wireless plus DT Swiss aero carbon wheels for uncompromising speed

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