Hardtail tipo dviračio grožis - tai iki visiško tyrumo išgryninta kalnų dviračių sporto esmė. Ar jūs tik žengiate pirmuosius žingsnius tyrinėdami bekeles, ar kiekvieną sezoną leidžiatės į kelią ir ieškote lengvo ir greito dviračio, ar tyrinėjate naujus kelius savaitgaliais norėdami praplėsti savo horizontus, mes turime Jums tinkantį CUBE hardtail tipo dviratį. Lengvas svoris, judri veikla ir minimali priežiūra - visa tai įeina į paketą.



Every tour is a new experience - your next adventure awaits!


Our sporty hardtails are built to be supremely versatile, making them fun to ride both on and offroad.

Cross Country

In the heat of the battle for the podium, you need a bike that delivers two things: maximum performance and low weight!

Dirt Jump

Playful geometry meets perfect balance: ready for take off!


ELITE C:68XEkspoziciniai dviračiai

Marathon racing demands a light, agile, efficient and comfortable bike. The Elite C:68X ticks all those boxes and more – so you can ride further and faster than ever.

ELITE C:62Ekspoziciniai dviračiai

A pure bred, pedigree carbon race hardtail with a focus on performance and comfort. Take the fight to the race course, and come out on top.

REACTION C:62Ekspoziciniai dviračiai

Race-driven technology condensed into a trail-ready hardtail – the Reaction C:62's lightweight carbon frame blends racing pace with trail toughness for an inspiring ride.

ACCESS WS C:62Ekspoziciniai dviračiai

Less is more: Lightweight carbon construction and high performance components give the Access WS C:62 a trail-riding edge you'll love.

REACTION HPAEkspoziciniai dviračiai

Speed is fun, but comfort and versatility are important too. The Reaction's origins may be on the race circuit, but it's out on the trails that it'll really inspire you.

ACCESS WSEkspoziciniai dviračiai

Feed that adventurous spirit with the Access WS HPA. Elegant aluminium construction and reliable components are your ticket to off-road exploration.

ACIDEkspoziciniai dviračiai

For the hardtail enthusiast, the Acid's combination of Sram NX Eagle 12 speed, RockShox air fork and nimble handling is a tough act to beat.

ATTENTIONEkspoziciniai dviračiai

The Attention's Shimano Deore transmission and RockShox Judy Silver Air fork makes it the ideal bike for progressing your trail skills.

ANALOGEkspoziciniai dviračiai

Got the mtb bug? The Analog's Sram SX Eagle gears and suspension fork with lockout will have you hooked even more.

AIMEkspoziciniai dviračiai

Reliable Shimano gears, trail-taming suspension forks and great handling for adventurous days out – that's our Aim.

FLYING CIRCUSEkspoziciniai dviračiai

Dirt is overrated – air is where it's at. For all your aerial antics, the Flying Circus has the build and the features you need to perform at your peak.

Elite C:68X SL

For cross-country perfectionists – carbon performance, Shimano XTR reliability and Fox suspension dependability

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Elite C:62 Pro

Carbon cross-country speed with Fox 32 Step-Cast fork, Shimano XT 1x12 and Schwalbe tubeless-ready tyres

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Reaction C:62 Race

Fox Performance 32 fork, Shimano XT 1x12 and carbon performance – trail speed, tamed

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Reaction Pro

For the trail riders – Shimano XT 1x12 reliability with RockShox Judy rock-swallowing ability

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Access WS C:62 SL

Fast, light, precise trail devourer – with Praxis carbon crank, Shimano XT 1x12 and Fox 32 Performance fork

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Access WS SL

For trail adventurers – Sram NX Eagle 1x12 gears, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and RockShox Judy air suspension fork

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Aim EX

Trail adventures on tap: Shimano Deore 1x10 gears, hydraulic disc brakes and Suntour 100mm fork with remote lockout

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Adventure awaits: Sram NX Eagle 1x12-speed precision and RockShox Judy Silver Air performance

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Attention SL

Shimano XT 1x12 gears and a remote lockout RockShox Judy Silver Air fork: attention-seeking performance

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Built for the dirt: Sram SX Eagle 1x12 gears with RockShox Judy fork and hydraulic disc brakes

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Flying Circus

The two-wheeled flying machine – Manitou fork, hydraulic disc brakes and the strength to style it up

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