Less weight = more fun, and for kids, that's the best reason to ride! This was our biggest goal when designing the SL kids series. We use light aluminium forks developed in-house to bring down the weight of the front end significantly. A light wheelset makes acceleration child's play – super-light tyres and rims reduce the rotating mass and help youngsters effortlessly keep up with the grown-ups. All components have been chosen to ensure the bikes live up to their SL – super light – name and are as robust and child-friendly as those fitted to our ""normal"" kids bikes. Biking just got a whole lot more fun!


Control is everything, particularly when you're having fun and discovering new skills. That's why all our Kids SL bikes feature lighter handlebars and smaller diameter grips that are perfectly proportioned for kids' smaller hands. It translates to more comfort, safer braking and better steering – reassurance for parents, and even more fun for your little ones.
We all sometimes need a bit of extra help on the uphill bits. All our Kids SL bikes – with the exception of the Cubie 180 SL – feature a wider range of gears for that extra little energy boost at the end of the day. With easy shifting and child-friendly controls, it's the added confidence your young rider needs to keep up on family rides.
Keen riders know that reducing wheel weight is key to a livelier, faster and more engaging ride. It's the reason we haven't skimped on the details with our Kids SL range, all of which feature lighter wheels for faster acceleration, safer stopping and a more inspiring ride all round.
Lightweight forks are the best way to keep your young ripper's front wheel pointing in the right direction. We use aluminium or carbon for our Kids SL forks – both are strong, light and safe in the hands of enthusiastic young riders. And the carbon fork is particularly good at improving comfort on long rides, by filtering out vibration.


Cubie 180 SL

A mountain bike in miniature for little trail rippers

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