90-115 cm

115-130 cm

130-150 cm


CUBIE 120 Ekspoziciniai dviračiai
CUBIE 160Ekspoziciniai dviračiai
CUBIE 180Ekspoziciniai dviračiai
KID 200Ekspoziciniai dviračiai
KID 240Ekspoziciniai dviračiai
KID 260Ekspoziciniai dviračiai
REACTIONEkspoziciniai dviračiai
STEREOEkspoziciniai dviračiai

Acid 260

Suntour suspension and Shimano 24-speed gears – a perfectly proportioned junior mountain bike

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Stereo 240 Pro

Pocket-sized pocket rocket for junior shredders, with Manitou suspension and Sram 1x11 speed gears

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Acid 200 SL

Light, simple, agile - a full-on mountain bike pint-sized mountain bikers

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A mountain bike in miniature for little trail rippers

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A scaled-down mountain bike for aspiring mountain bikers

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CUBIE 120 Walk

Light, simple and fun - start them riding young!

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Acid 240 Hybrid Rookie Pro

The pint-sized Bosch e-mtb for pint-sized riders – re-charge your family riding!

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Reaction Hybrid Rookie SL

A mini Reaction hybrid for mini rookies – with fourth generation Bosch power and Shimano reliability

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