Pompa CUBE Race Flex HP

Prezzo consigliato non vincolante*
  • Pompa di alluminio per portate elevate tornita a CNC, testa EZ per valvole Presta e Schrader, flessibile estraibile, blocco impugnatura, attacco incluso, 120 psi max.

  • weight: 112 g

  • CNC aluminium
  • (L) 21 cm

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*Prezzo consigliato non vincolante


Blowout? No problem. The RACE FLEX HP pump's compact, CNC lathed body has the EZ-Head for both Presta and Schrader valves, can cope with pressures up to 120psi and features a retractable hose.

"Their compactness notwithstanding, these stylish pumps are easy to use for their intended purpose, i.e. inflating bicycle tires. The pumps also have two excellent features: they can be used for various valves, a cartridge can be attached to them, thus making them even more convenient to use." (German Design Award / Statement of the Jury)

"The high-quality manufactured Race Flex bicycle pump series stands out with a design that focuses on intuitive handling and usability." (Red Dot Design Award / Statement by the jury)

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