Pompa ACID RACE Hybrid HV

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  • CNC-machined high-volume aluminium hybrid pump

  • combination of mini pump and CO2 pump

  • EZ-Head for Presta and Schrader valves

  • retractable hose

  • handle locking

  • includes bracket and 16 g CO2 cartridge

  • 80 psi max.

  • weight: 128 g

  • CNC aluminium
  • (L) 21 cm

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*Prezzo consigliato non vincolante


The best of both worlds. Our CNC-lathed RACE HYBRID HV blends the functionality of a mini pump with the convenience of a CO2 canister. Huge stroke volume, EZ-Head for Presta and Schrader valves and a retractable hose make it a cinch to use. Speed and power, all rolled into one.

"Their compactness notwithstanding, these stylish pumps are easy to use for their intended purpose, i.e. inflating bicycle tires. The pumps also have two excellent features: they can be used for various valves, a cartridge can be attached to them, thus making them even more convenient to use." (German Design Award / Statement of the Jury)

"The high-quality manufactured Race Flex bicycle pump series stands out with a design that focuses on intuitive handling and usability." (Red Dot Design Award / Statement by the jury)