News 08/09/2017

Andreas Raelert: Focus on Ironman Hawaii 2018

Change of further plans for the season – Training camp and an Ironman start in sight – Huge motivation for upcoming goals – Strong partnership with CUBE continues

Rostock. Andreas Raelert proposes a change of his plans for the season. The Rostockian deliberately changes his goal to take part in the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona this year and redesigns his further planning. "It is a decision which has been hard to make," says Andreas Raelert, "the Ironman Hawaii means a lot to me personally. I would love to start again in Kona this year. However, I would like to head to Hawaii in the best possible condition, and to reach this goal would be difficult this year.

Due to minor health issues, Andreas Raelert had to change and optimize his preparation and training in the past weeks. "Training was not possible the way it would have been necessary to secure the qualification for the Ironman Hawaii in August on the one hand and to make a perfect performance possible in Hawaii in October on the other hand," explains Andreas Raelert. “I do believe that it is absolutely achievable to be in top form in October, but the double-load of a challenging qualification race just a few weeks before the World Championship plus the race in Kona would mean a little bit too much after several short interruptions of my training in the past weeks.

Instead of a planned trip for both training and competition to North America, Andreas Raelert will redesign the second half of the season. He will concentrate on important training sessions and races. In the next weeks, he wants to fully recover from the injuries that occurred already in previous year and focus on an Ironman start. "My view is already on 2018," says Andreas Raelert, "I want to lay the foundations for a successful return to Kailua-Kona. For this reason, he withdraws from his plan to start at the Ironman 70.3 Steelhead and Ironman Mont Tremblant.

I look forward to achieve good results soon, says Andreas Raelert. He plans a training camp in September and is thinking of an Ironman start in November. As a very positive motivation he takes the support of his team, family, friends, fans, partners and sponsors for the further season. "Especially, we can really rely on our partners, says Andreas Raelert, who is pleased about the renewed commitment of Raelert-Brothers partner CUBE.

CUBE remains to its philosophy and believes in long-term partnerships. "We are very pleased to continue the engagement with Andreas and Michael. For us, it is important to give our athletes certainty at an early stage. This is the best way to enable our athletes to concentrate 100 percent on the sport and to achieve the best performances, says Marko Haas, CUBE Marketing. "In addition to the sporting performance, it is still very important for us to involve Andreas and Michael in our development processes. They have many years of experience in high-performance sports, and they do have the ability to give us constructive feedback. This is of tremendous importance to us.

The Raelert-Brothers are looking forward to the further cooperation. "Our partners believe in us and will continue to support us in the future. The renewed commitment of CUBE is supporting us enormously, says Andreas Raelert. He is full of motivation regarding Kona 2018.