MTB Shoes

One last deep breath before the starting gun goes off. The tracks quickly begin to narrow. I fly through the trees, following the tyre tracks left in the damp earth. A steep incline appears ahead; I get off and shoulder the bike. The grippy profile on my shoes grab at the changing ground below me as I climb and I remount before the others. I reach down and find the fastener immediately. I quickly adjust it so that the outer sits even more snugly against my foot. Optimum fit and easy to use – the magic words that promise maximum comfort and stop my ride from being pure torture.

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I reach the summit, now I just have to choose one of the endless trails before me. Euphoric, I jump on the pedals and race down the slope. My All Mountain shoes give me a secure and stable foothold on the pedals. They‘re durable and tough enough to withstand even tricky rock sections. And when I have to shoulder the bike, the special sole developed for all mountain riders delivers maximum traction on the changing terrain. Every shoe in this category is like a great riding buddy that carries me safely back down to the valley.

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I often set off with my friends with no idea of what to expect. We head out of the city and upriver to the nearby mountains. My all terrain shoes are great for coping with all eventualities. They‘re the perfect combination of sporty functionality with contemporary design yet are ideal for everyday use. So you can concentrate on tours of any length and take in any type of terrain.

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Just five kilometres to go. I dig deep, my legs are screaming, it‘s lactic acid overload but I‘ve still got something in the tank. My legs pound their rhythm mercilessly and I level my gaze at the horizon. I pedal like crazy, sense the bike soaking up the power being pushed through the rigid carbon soles and hear it crying for more. Just 50 metres to go, then finally it‘s down the winding road – and done! I say another silent thank you to my equipment, designed with minimum weight in mind. The road shoes are not just comfortable and modern, they also get me to my destination faster.

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I leave the house and leisurely head out of the city to check out some new trails. The Maze is the perfect choice to tackle everything from the urban jungle to rocky terrain. Specially designed performance moulding means the shoe fits like a glove and the redesigned sole grabs at my pedal pins for great traction. The puristic, clean design make it the perfect everyday shoe that feels equally at home on an evening pump track session.

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It‘s cold and rainy outside. Autumn has definitely arrived in the Fichtel Mountains. The warm training days have come to an end. But that‘s no excuse: My endurance shouldn‘t suffer just because the weather is bad. I jump on the bike and do my best not to freeze. I pull on a base layer, second layer and outer layer to protect my upper body, while the Primeshell bib tights keep my legs well covered. Now I just have to find the right overshoes from the three pairs in my collection. With various options to choose from, my feet stay dry and – most importantly – reliably warm, even in rainy, muddy, icy or bitterly cold conditions.

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