FAQ General

Who can I contact if I have a problem with my CUBE bike?

CUBE Dealer

Your first port of call should always be the CUBE shop where you bought the bike. Only the CUBE dealer with which you have the original sale contract is committed to processing complaints and warranty queries. Other CUBE dealers can process complaints handlings on a voluntary basis, but are not obliged to.

How long do I have guarantee / warranty on my CUBE bike?


Your CUBE bike is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for 2 years with effect from the date of sale. In addition, we provide our customers with the following warranty in the event of frame breakage outside the statutory warranty period as follows:

For all frames and rigid forks from model years 2011 and older we guarantee from the date of sale from the dealer:

Aluminium 5 Years Guarantee
Titanium 5 Years Guarantee
Carbon, Alu-Carbon 2 Years Guarantee

For all frames and rigid forks from model year 2012 we guarantee from the date of sale from the dealer:

Aluminium 6 Years Guarantee
Carbon, Alu-Carbon 3 Years Guarantee

If a break occurs during this period (from date of sale), we will replace the frame with the same or similar. This warranty applies only to the frame. The cost of components necessary for the frame's function (e.g. seat post, derailleur, handlebar and stem, suspension fork …), even where a replacement frame necessitates replacement of some or all of these components, must be borne by the customer.


For Fritzz, Hanzz, Two15, for all dirt bikes, and all frame exchanges add on parts are not included into this extended warranty. Here the 2 years limited warranty applies.

We reserve the right to repair defective frames or parts or to replace them with the corresponding updated model. A condition of the warranty is normal use of the bike in accordance with the manufacturer’s stipulations.

Modification work outside the statutory warranty period (2 years) is not carried out or refunded by us free of charge.

We therefore request that the customer be fully aware of this stipulation on conclusion of the sales contract in order to avoid possible misunderstandings at a later date.

EPO warranty

For all EPO 2011/2012 series Pedelecs with goSwiss rear wheel hub drive we grant a 2 year warranty for display, engine and battery. Warranty for the battery is limited to 1000 charge cycles with a remaining capacity of up to 80%. For Pedelec models built after 2013 we grant a 2 year warranty beginning with the date of sale. We ask you to inform the customer about exclusions and limitations in order to avoid any future misunderstandings. For our Hybrid Pedelec model frames the general CUBE warranty and guarantee conditions apply. For the Bosch motor and its associated components Bosch's own warranty conditions apply. Details about the Bosch system, the Bosch warranty and any limitations and conditions can be found in the Bosch manual which is enclosed with the bike. Any warranty claim relating to the Bosch motor must be processed via the Bosch service scheme.

BOSCH warranty:

The warranty period lasts 24 months from the date of sale of the eBike to the end consumer, but no later than 6 months after delivery of the Bosch components to the bike manufacturer. If the end consumer's eBike is intended for commercial use ( e.g. rental company, messenger service), the warranty period lasts 12 months.

Battery Pack warranty

A minimum of 500 charging cycles or 70% (300Wh) and 60% (400Wh) respectively of the nominal capacity (based on information stored on the Battery Pack) within the warranty period.

Damage resulting from improper use. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of a Pedelec bike in a bike park or similar, overstrain through jumping or any alteration of the original Bosch system.

Special case: carbon frame and carbon forks

We offer you and your customer a CCR Service (CUBE Crash Replacement Service) = exchange service for damaged carbon frames and carbon forks. This exchange service is intended to provide an uncomplicated and cost-saving exchange service for your customer following a crash which results in damage to the frame/carbon forks.

Excluded from the guarantee and warranty are all forms of damage due to improper use or use not in accordance with manufacturer stipulations (e.g. use of a standard frame as a dirt bike, fitting double crown forks, extension of suspension travel, overstressing due to jumps etc.) and all defects due to normal wear and tear. The extended warranty does not apply to the Fritzz, Hanzz, Two15 model, all dirt bikes and carbon frames and all fitted components necessitated by a frame swap.

Is it possible to transfer guarantee to a second buyer?

The guarantee becomes null and void when the original buyer sells the bike.

What are parts subject to wear and tear and how long are they covered by guarantee?

The following is a non-exhaustive list of parts subject to wear and tear:

  • Rims (where rim brakes are fitted)
  • Tyres
  • Chains
  • Chainrings
  • Sprockets
  • Hub bearings
  • Sealed bearings
  • Headsets
  • Bearing sets on full-suspension frames
  • Wires and cables
  • Disc brake rotors
  • Brake pads
  • Handlebar grips
  • Saddles
  • Bushings, seals and bearings used in suspension components (fork, rear shock) and dropper seat posts
  • (Non-)rechargeable batteries used in electronic systems

Parts subject to wear and tear must be serviced and maintained regularly in order to ensure they work smoothly. Components subject to high loads and stresses, such as chains and bearing sets, must be replaced regularly.

Please note that parts subject to wear and tear are not covered by the standard guarantee and/or warranty.

FAQ Technical

Which headsets are mounted into CUBE bikes?

In the majority of our products, semi-integrated headsets wich Cane Creek ZeroStack™-standard are installed. Our titanium frames are an exception. For those traditional headsets are used. In high-quality road bike and mountain bike carbon frames, integrated headsets are mounted.

What torque settings do I need to use on my CUBE bike?

Please tighten all parts in accordance with the manufacturer's maximum torque specifications as stated on the part itself.

Always use a torque wrench when fitting carbon fibre parts and apply carbon paste to reduce the tightening torque.

For your own safety, please check regularly that all screws are tightened to the correct torque.

You'll find all the relevant torque settings here:

I want to upgrade my bike with longer travel suspension. Is that permitted?

When swapping suspension components, ensure that the new parts have the same dimensions as the originals. With rear shocks, pay special attention to the eye-to-eye length, the width of the end bushings and the body. These must be the same size as on the original shock. Using components of other sizes will impact negatively on ride performance and can even damage the bike frame. For suspension forks, check that the new fork has the same travel as the original, as the length when installed will in most cases only be minimally different.

Can I install forks with more travel than standard?


The installation of a fork with more travel will void the warranty. The bike's geometry will be adversely affected, leading to undesirable handling and, potentially, permanent frame damage.

Up to which brake disc diameter is my CUBE bike approved?

Only brake disc rotors with the same maximum diameter as the original rotors that were mounted to that specific model, series and year are authorised. This applies to both the front and rear brakes, even if the fork manufacturer specifies compatibility with larger rotors.


MTB/ E-Bike

STEREO 160 C:62: FW 180mm /RW 180mm

STEREO HYBRID HPA 140: FW 180mm / RW 180mm

ACID: FW 180mm / RW 160mm


AGREE C:62 DISC: FW 160mm / RW 160mm

LITENING C:68 DISC: FW 140mm / RW 140mm


CURVE: FW 160mm / RW 160mm

TOURING HYBRID: FW 180mm / RW 160mm

What is the maximum tyre width I can use on my CUBE bike?

Tyre width:

To determine tyre widths, each model was tested with the appropriate width rims. Widths are based on Schwalbe tyres - bear in mind that tyre width measurements can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What is the use category of my CUBE bike and what do I need to be aware of?

Every model of bike we sell is classified under a specific use category. You can find this information on our website.
Please pay attention to the instructions on correct usage and the dos and don'ts for your particular model.
For a full overview of our bike categories, click here: https://www.cube.eu/en/service/bike-classification/

What is the approved structural weight limit/load limit for my CUBE bike?

For your own safety, please do not exceed the maximum structural weight limit/approved load limit specified for your particular model.

Can I install a carrier on my CUBE bike?

All CUBE bikes that have a factory-installed carrier are, of course, approved for carrier installation, as are aluminium hardtail frames with rack mounting points (at the dropouts and at the top of the seatstays). Carbon seatposts are generally not suitable for seatpost-mounted carriers, because the clamping force can notch the post and cause sudden breakage.

Excluded from carrier use: all carbon bikes including carbon full suspension, carbon hardtails and carbon racing road bikes. The combination carbon frame / aluminum seatpost is also unsuitable for mounting a seatpost-mounted carrier.

The stresses caused by using a luggage carrier can harm carbon frames in the longer term. This can lead to unexpected breakage of the frame and serious accidents.

Important: Please note that when using kickstands, mudguards, luggage carriers, as well as bicycle trailers the application area of the model always changes to classification category 2.

Can I mount a child trailer on my CUBE bike?

Yes, but please pay attention to the following points:

A trailer may not be towed under the following conditions:

Bicycles with and without electric motor assistance (pedelecs)

  • model year 2019 and older
  • with carbon fork
  • with full carbon frame
  • with carbon rear triangle
  • with adjustable dropouts for hub gears, belt drives, etc.
  • road bikes, gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes
  • children's bikes and youth bikes
  • all non-electric motor assisted bikes with rear suspension
  • speed pedelecs (45kph)


A trailer may be towed under the following conditions:

  • Full-suspension electric motor-assisted mountain bikes (pedelecs) with aluminium rear triangle from model year 2020 onwards.
  • Please only use the trailer manufacturer's original assembly system (through-axle/quick release with clutch).
  • Clamping the trailer to the frame tubing or other components (seatpost, luggage rack etc.) is not permitted.
  • The tongue weight must be at least 2kg and no more than 8kg, and must be deducted from the loading weight of the bike rack where given (see FAQs on maximum structural weight).
  • The maximum permitted total structural weight when towing a trailer (so rider + bike + trailer + cargo) is 180kg. Please also take care to ensure you do not exceed the maximum permitted structural weight (i.e. bike + rider) given for the bike excluding trailer.
  • The gross trailer weight must not exceed 60kg.
  • Please comply with the trailer manufacturer's instructions.
  • The maximum permitted speed when towing a trailer is 25kph (15mph).


Caution! Please note that the bike category automatically changes to 2 when using rear kickstands, mudguards (fenders), luggage racks and trailers.

Caution! Please be aware that towing a trailer will cause additional wear and tear to your bike, in particular the brakes (discs and pads), rear triangle bearings, fork bushings and wheels/hubs.

Caution! Towing a trailer will negatively affect the way your bike brakes and handles.

Can I mount any bottle cage?


CUBE bikes are approved for bottle cages designed to hold bottles with a maximum capacity of 750ml.

Can I use a Rohloff internal gear hub on my CUBE bike?


CUBE frames with a disk brake mounting are approved for the use of Rohloff hubs.

The following needs to be considered:


  • All bikes with electrical support (pedelecs)
  • All Bikes with rear suspension (fullsuspension bikes)
What kind of kickstand can I use for my CUBE Bike?

Universal rear kickstands designed for mounting on both the chainstay and seatstay will fit on all hardtail frames.


  • All full suspension bikes
  • All carbon frames

It is important to ensure that a protective rubber shim is installed between the stand and the frame. Kickstands that are mounted directly to the chainstay are not recommended because long-term damage to the chainstay may result.

Can I transport my CUBE bike on the roof rack of my car?

Fork-mounted racks - where the bike is secured at the rear wheel and the fork - are fine.

Race bikes with carbon fork front ends are an exception.

Roof racks that clamp the bike on the down tube are not suitable - this kind of fitting may damage the tube permanently.

Rear carriers, where the bicycle is supported on both wheels and secured via a clamp to the top tube, are usually suitable for aluminum frames. The best way to transport the bike is in the car. This protects against theft and is more gentle to your bike.

Can I use my CUBE bike on a bicycle trainer?


However, all full suspension and carbon frames are excluded. Carbon frames can be seriously damaged by permanently fixing the bike on the bicycle trainer.

Is it possible to repair a damaged carbon frame?

CUBE does not offer a repair service for carbon-frame bikes.

We advise against repairing damaged carbon. The carbon fibres may suffer extensive structural damage that is not visible to the naked eye. If in doubt, always replace carbon parts immediately.

Can I have my bike/frame security coded?

A security code is a combination of letters and numbers that is usually etched or stamped onto the frame by the police or another official organisation. Security codes help to deter would-be thieves and to identify the rightful owner of a stolen bike once recovered. However, the durability of the frame can be affected where the security code has been etched or stamped on. CUBE assumes no liability for any damage to material or defects occurring as a result of obtaining a security code.

Can I retofit an electric motor to my bike?

Electric motors place additional stress on our bikes that they are not designed to cope with. We therefore do not authorise the retrofitting of an electric motor!

What should I be careful of when using and taking care of the battery pack on my Hybrid?

Manufacturer information:


The eBike PowerPack guide of our Partner Bosch informs you about everything you need to know about your Hybrid battery:

Safety tips: Through-axles and quick releases

The manufacturers' operating instructions for all makes of through-axles and quick releases fitted on our bikes can be found below.

Important information:

  • Always follow the manufacturer´s instructions
  • Before every ride, check that the through-axle or quick release is positioned and closed correctly
  • Please contact your CUBE dealer if you have any questions on correct usage

General instructions through axle:

CUBE through-axle instructions

Manufacturer-specific instructions:

DT SWISS: RWS system

FOX: 15 QR-through axle


ROCK SHOX: Maxle + Maxle Lite

ROCK SHOX: Maxle Ultimate


General Instructions quick release:


Are the quick releases on my CUBE bike affected by the recall?

CUBE only uses Shimano quick releases. According to the manufacturer, there are no defects or safety issues with these parts.

Why is my bike heavier than stated in the catalogue?

It is not always possible to realise the exact weight for each bike, size and component. Our stated figures refer to the smallest frame size without pedals.

Even in the same frame size, weights can vary considerably. This can be caused by variations in the thickness of frame material, longer welds, longer brake lines / shift cables / outer casings, etc...

Components can also be a cause of weight fluctuations - this applies particularly to tyres.

For each frame size you should allow for up to 250g - 300g additional weight due to these variations. We always try to publish accurate weight data. The best way to eliminate all variables and make up your own mind is to visit your local dealer and weigh your dream CUBE bike in the shop yourself.

FAQ Purchase Advice

Where can I buy CUBE bikes?

CUBE Dealers

Only in specialist bicycle stores. Find a CUBE dealer near you.

Can I order replacement parts and accessories directly from CUBE?

No! Replacement parts and accessories can only be ordered and sent via your CUBE dealer.