• Limited Edition





Why did you choose this frame for the Special Edition?

The frame was presented in the 2020 model year together with the new Bosch CX fourth-generation drive system and builds seamlessly on the success of its predecessor. It's already won multiple prestigious magazine tests in just a short space of time. The Stereo Hybrid 140 29 is one of our all-time favourite models and a true all-rounder capable of handling pretty much anything, from weekend tours in the countryside to the podium of the World E-Bike Series. It's the perfect basis for a unique Special Edition.

What makes CUBE and Bosch's collaboration special?

Ten years ago, Bosch launched its first-generation drive unit and laid the groundwork for a revolution. Bosch changed the entire industry overnight and continues to do so to this day. Our Stereo Hybrid 140 29 Special Edition reflects the huge impact Bosch has had.

Who is the e-bike for?

For everyone who wants no-holds-barred riding fun, uphill and down.

How can I get hold of the Special Edition?

All interested CUBE dealers can put their name in the hat. We will then randomly pick participating dealers to receive one of the 199 limited edition models.

When will the e-bike be available?

We expect from December 2020.


  • váz HPC, High Performance Composite
  • méret M, L, XL
  • villa RockShox Pike Ultimate RCT3, eMTB Approved, 150mm
  • rugóstag RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate
  • motor Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX GEN4 (85Nm)
  • akkumulátor PowerTube 625
  • kijelző Nyon
  • töltő 4A
  • fékek Sram G2 Ultimate
  • hátsó váltó Sram XO1 Eagle AXS™, 10-52T, 1x12
  • hajtómű e*thirteen Plus Crank, 34T
  • szín carbon´n´oilslick
  • Cikkszám 436352
  • ár
  • váz C:62 Monocoque Advanced Twin Mold Technology, Aluminum 6061 T6 Rear Triangle, Efficient Trail Control, FSP 4-Link, Agile Trail Geometry, Boost 148, Full Integrated Battery
  • méret M (18"), L (20"), XL (22")
  • villa RockShox Pike Ultimate RCT3, 15x110mm, Tapered, eMTB Approved, 150mm
  • rugóstag RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate, 185x55mm, Trunnion Mount
  • rugóstag perselyezés Top: 54mm Trunnion Mount, Bottom: 22.2x8mm
  • motor Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX Generation 4 (85Nm) Cruise (250Watt)
  • akkumulátor Bosch PowerTube 625
  • kijelző Bosch Nyon
  • töltő Bosch 4A
  • fékek Sram G2 Ultimate, Hydr. Disc Brake (200/200)
  • hátsó váltó Sram X01 Eagle™ AXS, 12-Speed
  • váltókarok Sram Eagle AXS™ Controller
  • hajtómű e*thirteen Plus Crank, 34T, 165mm
  • láncterelő e*thirteen Plus e*spec
  • fogaskoszorú Sram XG-1299 Eagle™ Rainbow, 10-52T
  • lánc Sram PC-XX1 Eagle™ Rainbow
  • kerékszett Newmen Advanced SL A.30, 28/28 Spokes, 15x110mm/12x148mm, Tubeless Ready
  • első gumi Schwalbe Magic Mary, Super Trail, Addix Soft, Kevlar, 2.4
  • hátsó gumi Schwalbe Big Betty, Super Trail, Addix Soft, Kevlar, 2.4
  • kormány Newmen Advanced 318.25, Carbon, 780mm
  • stucni CUBE Performance Stem E-MTB, 31.8mm
  • markolat CUBE Race Grip 31mm, 1-Clamp
  • nyeregcső RockShox Reverb AXS™ 31.6mm (M, L: 150mm, XL: 170mm)
  • nyeregcső bilincs CUBE Screwlock Semi-Integrated, 34.9mm
  • nyereg Natural Fit Venec
  • kormánycsapágy ACROS AZF-1035, ICR (Integrated Cable Routing), BlockLock 120°, Top Zero-Stack 1 1/2" (ZS 56mm), Bottom Zero-Stack 1 1/2" (ZS 56mm)
  • szín carbon´n´oilslick
  • Cikkszám 436352
  • ár

*Ajánlott fogyasztói ár

Hozzáadás a figyelőlistához

Kerékpár felhasználási terület: 4

Maximum rendszer súly:

135 kg

A maximum rendszer súly a következőket tartalmazza: kerékpár, kerékpáros és minden teher (csomagtartó vagy utánfutó).

Több erőt és nagyszerű irányíthatóságot biztosítani egy 140mm-t mozgó karbon hibridnek nem egyszerű feladat - mindezt pedig a CUBE Modular Battery System rendszere és a Bosch negyedik generációs CX motorja köré építettük. A teljesen zárt akkumulátor jól néz ki, könnyen feltölthető és védve van az elemektől. A Boost 148 hátsó tengely és a túlméretezett csapágyak hosszabb élettartamot és nagyszerű kezelhetőséget biztosítanak, míg a vázon belül vezetett kábelek alacsonyabb karbantartási igényt jelentenek. Az All Mountain Geometry kifejezetten a Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC rugózási karakterisztikájához és a Bosch motorral való együttműködéshez lett kifejlesztve, így a végeredmény egy stabil, önbizalmat növelő és szórakoztató bringa lett. 

Bike details


For more than a decade, our Stereo models have epitomised the broad spectrum of mountain biking disciplines – there's the perfect full-suspension bike in our Stereo range for everyone. Each boasts geometry, kinematics and components all fully optimised to suit the preferred type and style of riding.

We used our years of expertise in mtb racing and frame and suspension development to craft truly functional electrically assisted full-suspension mountain bikes. Capable of handling virtually any terrain with consummate ease, the CUBE Stereo Hybrid models are supremely agile and an absolute pleasure to ride, even with the added weight.

Bosch is Europe's leading manufacturer of drive systems and has been our exclusive system supplier since 2014. All of our Stereo Hybrid models are equipped with Bosch drives. Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Bosch, we know the characteristics of these powerful drive units inside out. Drawing on our invaluable experience, we designed every last detail of the Stereo Hybrid 140's elegant frame for no-holds-barred, all mountain riding fun.




Maximum trail performance and maximum fun! When we set out to design the first generation of our Stereo Hybrid, these two attributes were top of our list. The aim was to translate our acclaimed expertise in developing high-performance chassis for traditional mountain bikes onto our e-mtbs. We collected masses of data using state-of-the-art measuring technologies to understand the demands of the Bosch drive system. Then we built the perfect frame using Efficient Trail Control and the Optimal Drive Position to maximum effect. Countless test wins show that our efforts have paid off.

Although the focus of the first-generation Stereo Hybrid was very much on performance, battery integration was already a high priority. Our Semi-Integrated Battery concept, the first of its kind on the market at the time, not only allowed us to incorporate technical advantages such as a lower centre of gravity and protection against battery damage, but also set groundbreaking trends in terms of design.



When we rolled out the second generation of Stereo Hybrids in 2016, the spotlight was on optimisation. The addition of the Stereo Hybrid 160 platform to our product range brought with it extensive improvements to our acclaimed frame. Our Tuned Drive Position technology rotated the Bosch mid-ship drive unit even further and the new position – together with our CUBE Design Cover – allowed us to dramatically reduce the length of the chain stays. Combined with the launch of the Boost 148 standard and increased overall stiffness, we achieved the best handling on a mid-ship-drive bike yet seen on the market and excited the media world once again.

Technologies like smooth welding and internal cable routing throughout, coupled with intelligent tweaks and improvements like the addition of in-frame charging, made the Stereo Hybrid platform a showpiece for the e-mtb world.



The application of our extensive experience in carbon frame construction was the crowning moment for the Stereo Hybrid range. Now, thanks to the Bosch PowerTube battery concept, we have raised the bar even further with our Stereo Hybrid platform for the 2018 model year. We successfully took our expertise in gravity casting technology from the Reaction Hybrid and applied it to the construction of full-suspension e-bikes. With our Fully Integrated Battery technology, we are once again setting new industry standards for design and freeing up additional technical and functional advantages such as the option to mount bottle cages. With yet further improvements to the geometry, the Stereo Hybrid platform for 2018 hits never-before-seen heights. Welcome to the future!



Mountain bike hybrid versatility has a new name, and that name is Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC. Built around Bosch's new, fourth-generation drive system and drawing on our extensive experience of hybrid power, carbon frame construction and efficient suspension kinematics, it represents a new breed of all-mountain e-MTBs. Our engineering team developed a brand-new concept for this frame, building the CUBE Modular Battery System to hide the Bosch power unit completely inside the sleek carbon down tube. A tough cover provides protection and shock absorption for the battery, whilst push-button access and a hidden lock make it both easy to use and secure from unwelcome attention. Even better, the new system frees up enough space for the option of a higher capacity battery than before, which translates to extended range and longer days out in the mountains.

Our All Mountain Geometry is specifically designed to work with the suspension kinematics and Bosch drive system, offering handling that only our fully integrated design is capable of doing - stable, confidence-inspiring and fun. All Mountain versatility, redefined: that's the Stereo Hybrid HPC 140.



The Stereo Hybrid 140 29 Special Edition showcases just how far e-mountain bikes have come in the last ten years. It's still a very young segment, but one that's evolved at a breathtaking pace so far. The developments are unreal. The drive unit boasts sensitivity, efficiency and performance like never before. To complement this, we added a completely wireless electric drivetrain and dropper seatpost. Everything from the chassis and wheels to the brakes and tyres have been carefully selected to work in perfect harmony. The bright, robust display is no longer just a speedo; it's an all-in-one navigation guide and fitness trainer with stats and much more besides. And the whole thing is wrapped up in our High Performance Composite frame utilising state-of-the-art carbon technology, geometry and kinematics to create the ultimate high-tech machine. The unique design and careful attention to detail are sure to make this special limited edition bike a true highlight of the upcoming season.