For powerful eBiking in the mountains and on rough terrain: The eMTB mode of the Performance Line CX and Performance Line switches between the Tour and Turbo modes. To control the bike even on difficult sections, the further optimised eMTB Mode supports eMountain bikers with maximum sensitivity, allied with progressive power delivery: with a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm on the Performance Line and 85 Nm on the Performance Line CX and motor support between 140% and 340%. Depending on the pedal pressure applied, the motor dynamically boosts the rider's own performance. The eBiker does not have to change the riding modes manually. Starting on steep slopes is no problem, while riding on mountain trails is noticeably easier and the eMountain biker benefits from significantly better traction. This provides a natural riding sensation and optimum performance on the trail.

BETTER POWER DELIVERY: Ensures maximum traction and control.

SPORTY STARTING: Perfect start-up behaviour as soon as you step onto the pedals.

IMPROVED DYNAMICS: Enables effortless riding on technical uphill trails or over obstacles.


No trigger

For more fun of riding without gear shifting. Changing support modes is not necessary. The rider can concentrate fully on the trail.

Progressive Support

For a natural riding sensation and optimal control. Depending on the pedal pressure, the progressive motor support automatically adapts to the individual riding style.

Direct flow

Perfect support as soon as you step onto the pedals. Moving off on steep ascents is made significantly easier.

Trail Control

Improved control in technical situations. Enables effortless riding and optimal traction in particularly technical sections of trail.

Maximum momentum

With a torque of up to 75 Nm on the Performance Line and 85 Nm on the Performance Line CX. For sporty acceleration even in alpine terrain, without changing gear.

Ultimate Uphill Flow

Riding uphill becomes a unique experience. The rider always stays in the flow.

For the ultimate Uphill Flow

Performance Line CX

Full flow off-road: Without changing riding mode, the motor always provides support at the ideal power level, even at low cadences. This enables steep climbs to be mastered and off-road riding reaches a new fun dimension.

Performance Line

Ultimate Uphill Flow: Changing the support modes is not necessary, since the progressive motor support automatically adapts to your individual riding style.


New sensor and motor control functions in the Performance Line CX give you a much wider range of support, even more dynamically and naturally. The improved adjustment of eMTB mode ensures optimum traction control in all gears and enables organic handling ("power on demand"). Start-up behaviour is much finer and more sensitive, especially in low gears. Due to the increased torque, the Drive Unit supports an even wider cadence range. Extended Boost is the unrivalled function for negotiating exposed roots, steps and stones on the trail with ease, even uphill. The eMTB can be manoeuvred with much greater agility and ease on technical sections. The unique dynamism means that obstacles can be overcome with ease by applying the right amount of pressure to the pedal.




“This mode is a silent revolution! The new „eMTB“ mode from the software designers at Bosch is a huge hit. Highly responsive to every pedal stroke, the drive unit always delivers the perfect dose of power. Steep ascents on loose ground?

Starting up steep gravel slopes? Rear wheel spin? Switching between different modes? No problem. eMTB mode works anywhere and everywhere. Power is delivered in far smaller increments and transferred to the chain much more smoothly. The much larger range of usable power assistance makes the Bosch drive unit more fun than ever.”

“[…] You just don‘t need to change gear anymore! The new eMTB mode works so well that it has completely changed the way I ride my eMTB. I used to use the power assistance switch like a gear lever, but now I can ride anywhere in one mode. The drive unit responds to the slightest touch of the pedal and always delivers the right amount of assistance. There‘s no loss of traction on steep sections because you forgot to change gear, no worrying about whether you‘ve selected the right assistance level. And when starting up steep climbs, the power delivery is spontaneous and perfectly modulated. Bosch‘s eMTB mode puts its competitors in the Far East in the shade when it comes to modulation. Simply switch on, ride and forget you‘re on an eMTB – Shimano accomplished this with its Trail mode. Now Bosch has come up with a system that packs far more punch. And the best bit: All CX drive units are backwards compatible.”

E-MTB Magazine


„Ambitious riders basically want two main things: great precision and response. With the new eMTB-mode from Bosch, the e-bike delivers a precise, modulated response to my input. Leaving me to focus on the important stuff: riding.“