CUBE Actionteam

Gusti Wildhaber

Action, fun, risk and adrenaline – words that best describe Gusti. After some injuries Gusti now wants to conquer the Enduro World Series podium in the next season. His unique racing style and impressive physical condition make a successful season a real prospect.

About Gusti

What music do you use to motivate yourself in the last 30 minutes before your start at the EWS races?

I don’t listen to music before a race. I enjoy the nervous anticipation. It sharpens my senses.

What do you like best about riding an e-bike?

Discovering new local trails and riding in groups with different levels of ability.

What is your training must-have?

Coffee before every training ride. It’s as much a part of my routine as putting on my lid.

How do you recover after a long day of training?

It’s hard to relax when you've got two little boys who are excited that you're back home. But I love my protein shake made with whole milk fresh from the farm.

What do you do when you are not sitting on the bike?

I’m always tweaking things on my bike and doing DIY around the house. And keeping an eye on my boys, of course.

What is your biggest strength?

I can give more than 100% when it really counts, like in a race.

What is important to you?

Security for my family.

How do you motivate yourself?

If I’m struggling to motivate myself, my wife gives me a kick up the ass!

What is your motto?

If you're gonna do something, give 100% or don’t do it at all.

Do you have any tips for newcomers to the enduro scene?

Drop it like it’s hot and hit the golfing scene as quickly as you can ;-)



2x Rank 1 - Lenzerheide, Bike Attack

Rank 16 EWS RANKING 2019


Rank 8- UCI Worlds Enduro, Trophy of Nations

Rank 10 – EWS Val Di Fassa

Rank 8 EWS Les Orres Coupe du Monde

Rank 9– EWS Traillove ; Alpine Mountain Bike Festival Zermatt

Rank 1 – 3 Days Trail Trophy Latsch

Rank 2 – Alpine Enduro Series

Rank 1 – Enduro Helveti´Cup

Rank 15 – WES Monaco Enduro

Rank 2 – WES Monaco XC

Rank 1 – WES Ascona Enduro

Rank 3 – WES Ascona XC

Rank 2 – WES Bologna Enduro

Rank 2 – WES Bologna XC

Rank 1 – WES Barcelona Enduro

Rank 4 – WES Barcelona XC


Rank 4 - Chile, Enduro World Series


Rank 3 - Trans Provence