Gyors, könnyű, erős: egyikről sem kell lemondanod. A Reaction aprólékosan megtervezett váza a könnyű súlyt, egy cross-country bringa érzékenységét és hatékonyságát egyesíti egy trail bringa sokoldalúságával, Boost-os hátsó háromszöggel és dropper nyeregcsőhöz való előkészítéssel. Nyomás!


Race-driven technology condensed into a trail-ready hardtail – the Reaction C:62's lightweight carbon frame blends racing pace with trail toughness for an inspiring ride.


Speed is fun, but comfort and versatility are important too. The Reaction's origins may be on the race circuit, but it's out on the trails that it'll really inspire you.

Reaction C:62 Race

Race to win – with Shimano XT 1x12 and Fox Performance suspension fork


Twin Mold Technology

All GTC models are built using this complex manufacturing process. In this process we can eliminate possibly dangerous folding by constant control of carbon fibres during the curing process. By using fixed internal forms at junction points the quantity of resin is considerably reduced and the fibres bonded more tightly together. The result is increased product safety and improved stiffness-to-weight values.

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