CUBE SLT Aero-Suit

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  • skinsuit designed for improved aerodynamic efficiency

  • breathable and quick drying

  • 3-part mesh rear pocket for race nutrition

  • super light and quick drying CUBE Tri Pad – made in Italy

  • 71% polyamide, 29% elastane

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*Prix de vente conseillé


1 triathletes know how addictive the bewitching trio of swimming, cycling and running can be, and the special challenges it poses in terms of equipment. That's why the SLT Aero Suit isn't just breathable, quick drying and extremely durable – it will take you from swim to sprint via the saddle in style. It fits like a glove, moulding to the body like a second skin, whilst the Triathlon chamois pad (made in Italy) delivers the comfort you need on the bike without getting in the way when swimming and running. And the practical 2-piece rear pocket with space for all your race essentials is great for longer distances.

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