CUBE Helmet LINOK Teamline

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  • helmet for kids/young riders

  • MIPS

  • 11 large vents

  • insect nets in front section

  • integrated visor

  • SNAP 360 Fit System can be fine-tuned with one hand for a perfect fit

  • in-mould construction

  • flat dividers for optimised webbing guiding

  • X-Lock mounting system

  • removable rear light for active safety

  • padded ratchet chin closure

  • Natural Fit concept

  • glossy finish

  • weight: 225 g

  • EPS in-mould

  • XS (46-51) - S (49-55) - M (52-57)


glossy blue´n´red
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The LINOK is a premium kids' helmet that's every bit as capable as its adult counterparts. It's a fully-fledged enduro lid with a large integrated visor, outstanding ventilation and low rear design for added protection. An integrated LED light actively improves safety. Show the grown-ups who really rules the trail! The integrated MIPS system goes well beyond usual safety standards, delivering effective protection for your head against rotational forces in the event of an impact.


CUBE Natural Fit means more comfort, more fun and fewer problems. These innovative products were developed with ergonomic and medical expertise with the goal of reducing or eliminating comfort issues. All components and parts of our Natural Fit series are designed to deliver the best possible comfort and perfect functionality. Hightech materials and distinctive design are a trademark of CUBE Natural Fit products.

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The Brain Protection System MIPS can be found in many CUBE Helmets.

MIPS is a low friction layer between the helmet and the head that allows a sliding movement of 10-15mm, in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact forces.
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