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It has gotten later again at the office. Only two more hours until sunset. Now just a quick ride on the bike to ring out the day. I'll decide on the way whether I really want to get after it or whether it will be a leisurely trail ride ending at a beer garden. But for now, there's nothing like getting out into nature. The PURE TEN backpack is already packed and ready. Sit down and off I go.


CUBE Natural Fit means more comfort, more fun and fewer problems. These innovative products were developed with ergonomic and medical expertise with the goal of reducing or eliminating comfort issues. All components and parts of our Natural Fit series are designed to deliver the best possible comfort and perfect functionality. Hightech materials and distinctive design are a trademark of CUBE Natural Fit products.

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  • Natural Fit

      • Natural Fit

        Le concept Natural Fit de CUBE signifie plus de confort, plus de plaisir et moins de problèmes. Ces produits novateurs sont déveoppés avec une expertise ergonomique et médicale, et dans le but de réduire ou éliminer les problèmes d'inconfort. Tous les composants et les pièces de notres collection Natural Fit sont conçues pour offrir le plus grand confort et une fontionnalité optimale. Des matériaux de pointe et un design distinctif sont les marques de fabrique des produits Natural Fit de CUBE.

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