Max Hartenstern is the U19 European Downhill Champion of 2016 and German Downhill Champion for five times. The 21-year-old posted times faster than the elite men five years in a row to bag the coveted national champion‘s jersey for a 5th time. A bronze medal at the 2017 Worlds confirmed his rise through the ranks to join the elite classification.

About Max

What music do you use to motivate yourself in the last 30 minutes before your start at the World Cup?

It depends. Something like drum and bass or hardcore usually gets me going.

What do you like best about riding an e-bike?

Climbing is just as much fun as blasting down the trails. It’s like bombing through the woods on a motorbike.

What is your training must-have?

A good warm-up is definitely a big part of my routine. I also do short four-minute Tabata workouts for my core. They’re a real must-have if you've got the energy!

How do you recover after a long day of training?

Going to bed on time and eating healthily are the two best things for recovery. Regular stretching and foam rolling help, and I whack out the Compex after a particularly hard session.

What do you do when you are not sitting on the bike?

Right now (April 2020) I’m converting my van into a camper. I also like tinkering with my bikes or going for an ice cream with my girlfriend ;).

What is your biggest strength?

I’d say I am really a positive and disciplined person who’s always up for a laugh.

What is important to you?

Sport is a massive part of my life, but I also love spending time with my family and friends. And you can’t forget good food, whether it’s a healthy salad or a huge chocolate sundae.

How do you motivate yourself?

I always work towards clear goals to develop myself into a better all-round athlete.

What is your motto?

Shock the muscle/ride or die

Do you have any tips for newcomers to the downhill scene?

Enjoy riding your bike, get some experience under your belt and everything else will fall into place.





German National Downhill Champion

1st Place - IXS Downhill Cup Steinach

28th Place - UCI Downhill World Championship Leogang

17th UCI Downhill World Cup, Maribor

2nd Place - IXS Downhill Cup Willingen


German National Downhill Champion

3rd Place Enduro World Series Rotorua, NZ

1st Place IXS Cup, Thale

2nd Place IXS Cup, Willingen


German National Downhill Champion

15th Place - La Bress, UCI Downhill World Cup


German National Downhill Champion

3rd Place - Cairns, World Championship

8th Place - Mont-Sainte-Anne, UCI Downhill World Cup

9th Place - Lenzerheide, UCI Downhill World Cup

5th Place - Vallnord, UCI Downhill World Cup

7th Place - Fort William UCI Downhill World Cup


European Downhill Champion

German National Downhill Champion

CUBE Factory Racing Partner