For an elite triathlete, daily life is built around a packed schedule – especially for long-distance specialists. 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km on the bike and then a world-class marathon time to top it all off demand an iron will. It‘s something that Andi Böcherer, silver medallist at the European Championships over the iron and middle distances, has in spades. Not only does he stand for honest, fair, hard-fought competition, there‘s an extremely likeable genuineness about him.


And what are Andi Böcherer‘s big goals? It goes without saying that a win in Hawaii is the dream of every iron distance triathlete. Andi‘s Road to Kona calls for some badass preparation and maximum focus before the big event take place. Then all he has to do is fight till he drops. Andi loves the motivation he gets from having his family by the course to cheer him on and meet him at the finish line. And whilst the kids are bursting with pride when dad gets to lift a big trophy, he also knows that things quickly return to normal at home despite his sporting prowess. His biggest role there? Being dad.

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